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Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by Rhoderunner, Apr 22, 2013.

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    Yes FedEx Express has become a joke. And this was the place to come and vent, share ideas, discuss the changes. But I'm referring to this forum. What once was a great place to gather has become a hostile and bitter place. I've been around for awhile, mostly lurk, sometimes adding things I hope are constructive. That obviously is not the case with many here now. Almost every post is guaranteed to turn into a pissing match between express and ground. Sadly there are some that seem to just show up to antagonize. Everyone has a right to an opinion and to voice it, but we can certainly do without the pages and pages of insults, bickering and sparring that clogs otherwise informative posts. I hope this comes to past and we can get back to the constructive forum this use to be. Well, that's my opinion and I just needed to voice it.
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  3. DS

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    Good post.Over at UPS discussions it's the same thing.
    It's the nature of the beast on forums like this.
    At least you guys have a place to rant.
    At least you have a good place to bitch.
    Browncafe,keeping bitchy people happy since 1999.:wink2:
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    Sorry, but you NEED to get angry and bitter, and also sign a union card. We can discuss "the changes" until the cows come home, and guess what, you're going to be getting screwed deeper each and every minute until we get off our collective asses and fight Fred Smith. It's high time we all get :censored2:-off...I mean really :censored2:-off, and actually DO something to create constructive change. Ground is a scam, and Ground is the new direction for FedEx...that's a given. But there is no need to accept the crap sandwich Fred serves you every day. I'm tired of "getting along" and playing nice with some of the A-holes on here who defend and protect the Ground scam and the Express "rehab".
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    Yes people need to get angry about what's going on and get activly involved, but throwing rude barbs back and forth between the two opco's is counter productive IMO. If the goal is to get more new people involved, this forum needs to look like a welcoming place for hourlies to share thoughts and ideas.
    I certainly understand the anger but it can cloud our judgements. We find ourselves taking the bait and responding to trolls and soon enough the thread is a rehash of the same old pissing match.
    MFE and BBsam, I'm addressing you both since 80% of these threads are driven by you. I value both of your opinions but I like a lot of others im sure are turned off by your methods.
    If you feel you have to go after each other personally, take it to PM's please.
  6. MrFedEx

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    If you really want to unify the opcos, we need a common cause. IMO, that is banding together in an effort to both organize Express and educate Ground employees as to the screwing they are getting. And I don't troll. Since Day 1, I have been advocating for a union at FedEx, and in fact, my very first post out of almost 9,000 of them was an appeal to UPS drivers to start educating FedEx employees about the advantages of a union and to point out the screwing we were getting in comparison.
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    Nothing but love for our express brothers and sisters from all the office drivers we share the same road and deal with the same bs
    I say if we going to have a :censored2: match let it be with the ups brownies :peaceful:
  8. Rhoderunner

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    This is what drove me to post. Many times on this forum people mention the drive to 'spread the word'. I've done that, told many about this forum and lately they come back laughing. Described as a joke and useless. Kids, bullies in a playground acting tough. We are turning people away not bringing them in. I tell them all to hang in there and hope they stick around. Yes lets be angry and upset but lets do it constructively and direct it in the right direction.
  9. STFXG

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    That's no fun.
  10. bbsam

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    Play nice with MFE? Until recently, we had been doing better. I don't know. I might have to think about that. You might just need to put me on "ignore".
  11. Route 66

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    This is a good thread. I believe what probably started out as a bit of teasing ended up (as most often does on internet forums) turning ugly. I suppose we could trace it all the way back to the beginning to see where the first shot was fired, but who really cares? No one is blameless. All Ground drivers are smelly, tatted-up wife beaters and Express couriers can only lift least that's what the casual observer here would be led to believe. To be honest, the Ground guy that I see in my neighborhood appears to be a respectable enough looking fellow, and in my courier days with Express I sure lugged around an awful lot of large, heavy "envelopes".

    As amusing as it is, I too would like to see our negative energies channelled more against our true common enemy - Fred and Co. (and no, we don't need to piss off our cousins in Brown either. We want them on our side).

    Yes, entering this forum is definitely not for the feint of heart. You know you're going to get slapped around by somebody. I'll bet there are probably at least a hundred lurkers for every poster here. And that's just too bad. There's undoubtedly a whole lot of good information and ideas out there that will never make it to us, just because so few are willing (and justifiably so) to enter into this cyber blood sport.

    Have MFE and bbsam gone overboard at times? hell yes. But they've also both brought very well thought out and passionate (not to mention highly entertaining) arguments to the table as well.

    Maybe we could all help to make it just a little less intimidating to others who may have something to contribute - but just would really rather not get their clothes it possible?....or would it be easier to get a union at Express?
  12. TUT

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    Or better yet, go find another job. If you are upset and angry, it's sad to see someone have to go through this anguish at work and then take it online. Fedex is a job, not a sentence. To the words used in another post "instead of sitting on your ass watching your job and future disappear", you might lose your job, but you shouldn't be losing your future. Did we set our own bars too low in life? 10,000's of people have left Fedex to find a better life for them, are we dealing with some type of character disorder here, a paranoia or fear of looking for another job? These aren't the last jobs on Earth.
  13. vantexan

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    For many of those people, if not most, a better life was trading less pay for less stress. The herd gets naturally culled around FedEx because many aren't built to take it. But also for the last 4+ years many of us have been loathe to take the chance because we see very little opportunity to advance ourselves without a decent degree, and plenty with decent degrees aren't finding work in their fields. Everything is just fine if you do have a well paying job or a thriving business but the rest of us are taking considerable risks walking away. And really, until the pension was terminated, FedEx was just "not what it used to be." But losing the pension really got the ball rolling while the economy was in a shambles too. So damned if we do, damned if we don't.
  14. Out of the Dark

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    Fred already beat you all banding together. I just saw today a new Custom Critical van roll out of the shop with Purple and Orange. Not the old powder blue colors.
  15. STFXG

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    I saw one the other day with red... Thought I was losing it.
  16. vantexan

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    Care to explain the ramifications of that?
  17. NonyaBiznes

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    Maybe it's the "short man" thing.
    Possibly "bullied" as kids.
    Ummm .. "cowards" behind a keyboard.

    Either way, "cyberbullies" can't run me out of this forum. I just "weed" through the tantrums.
  18. Operational needs

    Operational needs Non desistas. Non exieras.

    Why? The hourlies are getting a daily screwing like the rest of us. What would be the purpose?
  19. MrFedEx

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    Unfortunately, if you are 45-55, it's fairly tough to reinvent the wheel and have any expectation of getting a good job. Even if you do go back to school and get a degree, there is going to be someone younger who will likely get the job. In other words, a lot of long-term Express employees are stuck. Many of us made the career decision to stay with FedEx at a critical age level and got burned when Fred reneged on almost everything that made the company a good place to work. Obviously, you do not understand this about FedEx.
  20. MrFedEx

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    I would love to see the opcos unite against Fred, but it isn't very likely to happen. Ground drivers aren't even employees, so unionizing is not even in the picture. Express has the RLA Kryptonite, and Custom Critical is small and set-up with owner-operators. They are not employees either. Our best bet right now is to keep signing cards and show support for FedEx Freight, which is actively being organized by the IBT and is NLRA, which makes it a lot easier to have a successful unionization drive. Talk with the Freight folks and you'll find out that Fred has been doing the same thing to them as he did AGFS, which is to outsource freight to other carriers. I see Freight trailers being pulled by other companies all the time, which is work taken away from actual FedEx employees. Next time you see a Freight driver on a dock, ask them how the card-signing is going and how much they like FedEx.