This Time It's NeoLiberalism's Turn

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Dec 31, 2010.

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    Not a bad commentary, although two points do seem a little soft.

    First, to suggest that the American system is just as statist as what they do over in Germany strikes me as a little dishonest; for one thing, Germany allows the state to purchase shares in companies on a regular basis. And, recent history withstanding (GM, AIG, etc), the American system generally does not. As three quick examples: Volkswagen is ~20% owned by the state, Deutsche Bahn is a government run railway operator, and KfW is a state owned-and-operated bank.

    Second, at another point in the article, the author puts forth the argument that because we are taxed at 80% of what Western Europeans are, we should therefore enjoy 80% of what they do as far as social amenities. This strikes me as slightly lazy - for the reason being that this sort of thing is not linear, but rather that it is floating - hence, currency baskets, etc. That is to say, a unit of value in Western Europe has a different value here in the States.

    Other than that, interesting.
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    Well, appears K-mart may have met his match.
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    LMAO...i was thinking the same thing. The good thing is BrownBag is not as long winded to get his point.