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  1. Torn77ag

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    Our center just had the time allowence fixed on all of the routes. Do they take off work from your truck or give you the same with more time allowed?
  2. GuyinBrown

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    Probably the funniest thing I've heard in months.... :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    this might be good , bump
  4. disneyworld

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    They take it off. You should be able to get out by 4 or 4:30 at the latest. ROTFLMAO
  5. longlunchguy

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    Can you say "squeeze me"?
  6. old levi's

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    Who was it that "fixed" the time allowances on all the routes? Was it Glinda the Good Witch from Oz or was it the Pope? :w00t:
  7. scratch

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    I'm sure that IE figured out that you could run more stops per hour and that your Center didn't need so many Routes. We are all just equipment to them, we can be replaced when we wear out.:mad:
  8. over9five

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    Re: Time allowance!

    "Probably the funniest thing I've heard in months.... "

    That was great!

    (he was kidding, right?)
  9. Griff

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    Re: Time allowance!

    Don't get why anyone on PAS even gives a crap anymore about this stuff. Our time studies are 20 years old and we still get harassed about being overallowed, just laugh in their face and tell them "see ya in 11 hours".
  10. GuyinBrown

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    Re: Time allowance!

    Hard to tell in when it's in print, but I think he was actually serious.... :lol:

    If you got a time study, they definitely "fixed" your allowance... :wink:
  11. Channahon

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    Re: Time allowance!

    Time studies are based on your route characteristics and the driver doing the job by the methods.

    Take shortcuts - you lose

    The entire loop should be studied at one time and an average of the loop chararteristics allowances will be applied.

    That's why your residential and business areas have different defined areas.

    I have always advised my drivers to do the methods during their time studies and at all times.

    The time study person is studying the area, not you.

    They know the methods that should be applied.

    Center areas can gain time, it's not always squeezing the driver to do more.

    My experience as a Manager and Division Manager, and we do challenge the allowance before they are input and we have to live with them.

    Time studies are long overdue at UPS. It is in your best interest to do the job per the methods.
  12. over9five

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    My entire center was recently time studied.

    The end result?

    We "broke even".

  13. Griff

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    Yeah, it's just psychological warfare on managements part. There is no logical reason why the numbers wouldn't be skewed to their advantage. They would be stupid to have accurate numbers, it would cost them more money. That's why all these break skipping bonus runners are retarded, they are being stolen from on a daily basis.

    They've been telling us for YEARS that we are going to get new time studies and most routes are expected to gain 35-45 minutes. Our center manager told us this yet again about a week ago in a PCM, everyone had a nice laugh.
  14. upsgrunt

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    They will take off work alright! Right off the route that was cut and right on the tail end of your 8000 shelf!!!:lol:
  15. satellitedriver

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    You are not "allowed" time. You are "given" time by IE to empty your pkg car. If you can not meet these standards, you are "stealing" time from the company.
    In my case, they "gave" me more work and less time "allowance" to do it in.
    What use to be a 10hr day for the last 20yrs, is now less than an 8hr day.
    So,IMHO, do your best daily.If you cannot finish your route, let management know as early in the day as possible. Then, the burden lies on their shoulders.
  16. JustTired

    JustTired free at last.......

    Years ago we had a driver who was in every day around 4-4:30. When they timestudied the center, we figured that it would be the end of her getting in that early.

    As it turned out, all but 2 of the drivers in the center lost time or broke even. She actually gained 1/2 hr. I'm not saying anything inappropriate happened out there, but it sure had everyone wondering.

    Time studies would be great if they were done by a third party who has nothing to gain or lose by what they determine. Now, the way things are, I don't know why they bother. The numbers will just be manipulated to project what they want them to be anyway. JMO
  17. rushfan

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    Three words of advice: Go to feeders.
  18. hdkappler

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    Re: Time allowance!

    chaanon,do your time studies allow the drivers lunch between 3rd and 6th hour?in peoria,il center years ago drivers took lunch when done with route.but put down between 3rd.and 6th.hour.
  19. over9five

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    "Three words of advice: Go to feeders."

    Three word answer: On my way!
  20. Harley Rider

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    I use to gain time on all my time studies years ago. The new way they do them is absurd. You get no extra time for rural roads and they don't even make notes on the different speed limits. When they split off our center several years ago, an old center manager of ours came in and relooped the center. Almost my whole route is in the same loop! I have some residential areas that I can run 30 stops an hour in if I really hoof it. In the same loop are my rural routes that I am lucky to run 8 to 10 stops in an hour.

    I keep hearing about new time studies in the planning stages. Won't do any good as long as the loops are screwed up.

    My wife worked for UPS for 21 years. The last 7 years as a supervisor. She did time studies for about 3 years in the IE dept. She couldn't believe it when I told her how they conducted my last study. I can remember years ago when they even counted your footsteps and then ran an average for each loop.

    I hate having a negative attitude about UPS these days. After 23 years the UPS I remember in my early years was a lot different. They use to really care for their workforce and you were more than a number. Nowadays numbers are all that matter.