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  1. Ok, heres the deal. I've been working for UPS for a little over a year now first as a seasonal employee and I started again in April 2007 working preload. After our little new years break I went in yesterday at our start time to punch in and it said on the timeclock "invalid password. I told the preload sup and he said "I'll take care of it" and he had me write down the time I started and the time I left. I showed up again today and the same thing happened. This time I told the preload sup, the PAS sup and the delivery sup (shop steward called in sick so I couldnt talk to her) and again "I'll take care of it" was the response. So I went on and started working and I got off work and I was talking to the preload sup and he said apparently they took me out of the system. Pretty much according to UPS I no longer work there. His theory was that they thought I was a seasonal employee and after the holidays they took me off the "roster". They all got a big laugh out of it which I failed to see the humor in seeing as they got two days of work out of me when I wasnt even able to clock in. Now I am going to show up to work tomorrow and if the same thing happens I am going to go out to my truck and grab a grievance form and fill it out and then I am going to go home and not work. Is that an appropiate course of action or should I stay and work even though I am not able to punch in and therefore "working for free'?
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    How do you know you're working for "free"? Do you have your paycheck yet? Is the pay amount on there or not? I doubt if you even have your check yet or even know what the amount is going to be. Why not wait and see. As far as you know, you haven't been wronged yet. You have nothing to grieve at this point, unless you want to grieve about them laughing at you, but why bother?

    This has happened here too, many times. But, lo and behold, it shows up on the paycheck. If not, THEN, grieve it.

    Do you keep a notebook of all your activities? Your punch-in time, the job you did, how many cars you loaded, you punch-out time, any other pertinent items? Maybe you better start. It could save a lot of grief.
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  4. I have a notebook which I write down all my hours worked.
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    I keep up with all of my hours worked too.
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    Don't be a cry baby. The time clocks are POS just like diads and everything else electronic at UPS. They break. Get over it.

  7. The issue here isn't the fact that the time clock is broken, The issue is they basically deleted me, an employee, from the entire system which pretty much negates my entire status a UPS employee and I no longer exist. Now some of you may say "Oh stop crying about it, it will get fixed". You had better believe it will. For too long, us preloaders have been getting shortchanged on hours, regular and overtime because someone isn't doing their job properly. Some guys have had whole days removed even though they have worked a full and honest days work. And it happens all the time and most of the preloaders don't care or don't know how to speak up and fight for themselves. Well it's going to stop right here and right now. This is the first job I have had where this situation has come up. Even as screwed up as the military was I have always been paid ontime and the proper amount.
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    Keep track of the hours. follow up with them on friday to ensure they have your hours entered correctly. Your hour information can still be manually entered in the system once they restore you in the system.
    They can also email a current week payroll adjustment straight to payroll if needed. Keep following up with the sup to see if its getting fixed. If you don't get a warm and fuzzy when you talk to the sup then go to his / her boss and make sure they are aware of the problem.

    Its not a grievance until you are shorted on a paycheck. Hopefully the sup was laughing at the stupidity of the staff person who made the mistake and not your situation so much. Your sup is the bag holder for other management acts of stupidity that affect you.
  9. Well when I talked to him after work this morning he kept saying "i'll take care of it, I'll look out for you" the problem is I never get a warm and fuzzy ANYTIME I talk to him because I don't trust him. I don't want to get into a debate about this guy in this thread so I am not going to go into detail but whenever this guy is around I look over both my shoulders for the knife.
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    You and your sup are not required to have a warm and fuzzy relationship unless either party is interested, and thats your business.

    As much as management aggravates me sometimes, you have to look at it from their point of view. They can only work as far as their means. If someone above their head makes a mistake, you cannot hold them accountable. It is however their job to make sure the situation is resolved, and if they do not do everything in their authority to fix it, then you can hold them accountable.

    I understand you are worried you won't be paid; but before you point fingers make sure you are pointing them at the right person.
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    Maybe you've been fired and don't even know it... lol...
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    Shorting hours seems to be an epidemic at UPS. What would you do if that happened to you? Just ignore it because you don't want to be a crybaby? I bet if you kept track of your hours you'd be surprised to see how much you are shorted a year. Although, you sound like the type that wouldn't take the time to complain about 6 or 7 minutes of lost pay. You are their perfect target and don't even know it. Ha!
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    A long time ago I was a payroll supv. Of all the payroll adjustments we ever did, there was only one that I recall that someone called up and said they were overpaid (which they were). All the others were because they were shorted. I do know of some mgmt people that have been fired and some demoted for playing around with hours. Playing around with someone's pay should never ever be done and I'm astounded people try to do it. However, I do think it's ironic of all the adjustments and people looking and recording every click of hours, that no one ever said I was overpaid. I'm sure there is a good percentage of people who were overpaid didn't notice (likewise with people who were underpaid). But I'm sure there were some that noticed and figured they'd take it and somehow blame the company and say it's their fault etc.
    It's still wrong (on both sides).
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    Don't feel bad. I've been with the company 20 years. Switched to a new department over 3 months ago and I'm STILL not in the new departments system!

    But, I get paid correctly every day. Don't worry about it, it does not matter at all if you're in the system. Just keep track of your hours, everyone should do that anyhow.
  15. Well apparently, for some reason they thought I was one of the seasonal hires and therefore took me out of the system after talking with the shop steward she said I have to go to HR and get them to put me back in. So it seems to have been resolved. Thanks everyone for your input!
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    I totally understand what you are saying...

    But the #1 rule about being a hourly at UPS is... Keep your friends close but keep your enimies closer... As much as I bitch and complain and my Center Manager may (OR MAY NOT) hate me I always said good morning to him and would walk out of my way to say hello to the DM when he was in the building... ALWAYS a smile on my face...:happy-very:
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    They were shorting me one time and I was due OVERTIME... I keep track of all that and a excellent program to use is... CalcTime - Time Log http://www.download.com/3000-2064_4-10760703.html.

    As a matter of fact..
    From 05/08/2006 Through 05/12/2006
    5/8 3:10 - 8:43
    5/9 3:50 - 9:00
    5/10 3:45 - 8:52
    5/11 3:25 - 9:11
    5/12 3:40 - 9:17

    They tried to short me 2:13 of overtime...

    5/15/2006 Through 5/19/2006 I only worked 24:17

    But the fact is I have all of this doccumented... If a belt supe decides to do a PCM off the clock five or ten minutes early - I doccument it and then grieve it when I am not paid for it...