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Okay everyone, I've spent the last few days reading hundreds of posts about working at UPS. I'm currently unemployed after working in the IT industry for over five years. It's time for a change! I'm tired of sitting in front of a computer browsing my fantasy sports teams and pictures beautiful women. I have no problems lifting heaving things, working in the heat whether it's inside or outside, or dealing with difficult people. I basically want to work for a stable company with a chance to be promoted.

I recently interviewed for a casual driving position. I was told there is a good chance of not being hired full-time after the holidays. I guess what I want to find out is if I'm making the right decision by taking a casual driving position? Is it better to start this way then start as a PTer? I also have no problem working as a PT package handler then going to another part-time job to make up the $$ difference. What should be my game plan after the holiday's are over if I don't get hired full-time?

I'm ready for all the negative feed back. I guess any advice is good advice! I would like to hear some positive advice considering I'm a positive person who wants to succeed. Thanks everyone.


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First of all any chance you get to be in a driving position, TAKE IT. You may not be hired on after the holiday as a driver, but the experience you recieve while on road will be valuable if you were to work in the center or hub as a pacakge handler.
Granted you will be the new guy in package handling, but you can influence those around you when you see someone who does not have good package handling, you can say "do you know what it is like to take a customer a package that is damaged?" You can have an influence on others. You will know how embarassing it is to deliver a christmas gift marked fragile, that is rattling inside. You will see the (not always) the difference the brown makes in your area. It is a good experience. If your career path leads you to management, then you will already have some experience on road. This is almost as important having a college degree these days. I would go for it. Even after 6 months, you may decide that UPS is not right for you, then you just don't come back. Being hired as a seasonal emp, you are not expected to stay after peak, but you can always try to get back on in January. Also, if you are already trained to be a driver, depending on where you are, you could be the one they call on to do some Early AM deliveries. Another bonus and extra hours.


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TEll me the down side?

Even if you dont get to ever come back, working at one time for UPS usually looks good on an employement app. As long as you do your best, UPS will not want you leaving. So do your best at whatever job you land at brown. Then work from there.