Time For New Management at FedEX Express

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    I've called for new leadership before, but the epic fail at Express this Peak is an excellent example of why it needs to be happen. Fred Smith can make whatever dictates and promises he wants to Wall Street, but if you actually work here, you realize his plan isn't going to work out very well. It all sounds workable and progressive...but it's neither. A lot of his new ideas in October should have happened 20 years ago...like more fuel-efficient aircraft. He's behind the times and not far enough down the learning curve. Too many mistakes, repeated too many times. As someoe else said, they've had 35 years to get it right (Fred and Dave have), and they completely blew-it.

    Our upper management team has been making major mistakes over and over again for a long time, and they need to be replaced. It will be interesting to see what industry analysts have to say in a few weeks after the Express meltdown becomes public knowledge and insiders start taking a closer look at just what an abortion Peak turned out to be. You cannot blame the employees, and you cannot blame frontline Field management. All of this points straight to Memphis.

    Fred needs to take his millions and move along down the highway, and when he goes, he needs to take Matt Thornton and Dave Bronczek with him. And that's just a start. The entire MEM organzation needs a good, string enema to clean-out all the crap that is creating such chaos in this company.

    Step-down, Fred. Have some honor. If you were a Japanese CEO you would have already offed yourself.
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    Yep, Memphis is the only place where they're really calling the shots. Everyone else is just a puppet. And with each and every shot that's being called is worse than before. Step down boys.


    Kind of like being a TV weather person....you get to be wrong half the time and still keep a job.
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    He has billions.
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    ...or a pro baseball player...hit the ball 30% of the time and you are a superstar...


    Or you're an A-Rod and ruin it for everyone else with your stupidly massive contract that the Rangers had to sell the team in order to pay off....just sayin