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    I had a manager who would take our call ins in the center. He would ask what time I would be in and I would tell him, "Finish metro at 5:00, 18 deliveries, 1 hour, break 20 minutes and drive in another 20 minutes. See you at 6:40". His answer would be see you at 6:10 and he would hang up. After a while I would give him the same litany and add 30 minutes MI time. One day he cornered me about this MI time and I told him that he always subtracted a half hour off of my ETA, so I added a half hour of MI (make it) time so when all was done I could make his ETA. I can't print his remarks, but after that he stopped asking me for my ETA. [​IMG]
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    With DIAD 5 they wont need to ask you. They tell me it has GPS and direct connect, where they can talk to you in real time like a cell phone. Can anyone say hello big brother?
  3. We have a serious problem with IE dept.The supt pulls his gray hair out every morn trying to figure out why they tell him that he will need x number of drivers and then 75 percent of us run over 9.5, because of the screwup in ie.
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    "With DIAD....."

    It also gives you a mild electric shock if you're under SPOHR. It gets stronger the slower you go.
    My fingers are black....
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    Ill make you a great deal on some rubber gloves!