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    I am on night sort at the Worcester, MA hub. Initially it wasn't my goal to end up FT driving, but things are changing and now I am curious. I have been given many answers as to the actual wait time to go from PT to FT driver. First, I was told 8-10 years. Now I am being told 3-5 years by two separate people. Anyone in or knowledgeable with WORMA have a better number? I am completely out of the loop as I never showed interest prior. Thanks
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    Better rethink your life priorities....UPS PT is a great job and allows school, another job etc.....UPS FT is a dead end job with less and less options.....Once and if you decide to go management its much worse due to the changes in structure.......
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    No management. Not looking for a combo job either. I just want to be a FT driver. I run my own business, is not about life priorities. Just curious on the wait at my hub.
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    UPS is by no means a dead end job at the FT level, whether hourly or management. Yes, the demands are far greater than with many other jobs, but the rewards are also greater. $80K plus benefits is nothing to sneeze at, especially for a job that does not even require a HS diploma. I will retire after 30 years with an estimated pension of $5,200/month. I don't know of any dead end jobs which provide those kinds of benefits.
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    I'm going to guess you' re new or newer, so times have changed. Less people retiring, and more want FT jobs.

    The wait was typically 3-5 years for a hub or driving FT job that I have seen.

    Just my opinion, goto your local union hall or talk to a rep, get a hub PT seniority liist. (all shifts) You should then be able to get an idea. If there's 50 PT above you in seniority, you can get a range of about 10-20 PT's ahead of you that would also be interested. The ratio was probably lower back in the day, however with layoffs and economy it would (I assume ) have grown. Also, many people hired recently also want to go FT so you may actually end up waiting longer than 3-5 years. Your milage will vary but with a few questions towards your union reps, and number guesses, you should have an idea.

    For me (ENE, now NE) it was 5 years to go FT as a 22.3. I had the opportunity to go sooner as a FT driver (04-05) but was already working FT in I.T. and passed it up.
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    Uh, it could be a 10 mil a year job, if there's no promotion waiting/next step, it's a dead end. Try thinking next post.
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    This is how Wikipedia defines "dead end Job":

    A dead end job is a job in which there is little or no chance of progressing and succeeding into a higher paid position. Such work is usually unskilled and the phrase usually applies to those working as shelf stackers, cleaners, or other menial jobs where the pay is low, and the hours are long.

    I will concede that once we reach FT seniority driver that there is no where else to go within the hourly ranks and the hours are not 9-5 but the pay and benefit package are industry leading. I would certainly not classify a package car driver as a dead end job.
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    You can say what you want about how UPS is being run, and about the money they are wasting.

    But with 10% unemployment a job that pays well north of 70k plus benifits, plus a penision is not a dead end job. It is a hard job you work long hours.
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    The time it takes to become a Driver depends on alot of things nobody can just tell you it's going to be 3-5 or even 5-10 years. It might be 1 year or 10. It all depends on who signs the list put up each year if you don't sign the list you don't have a chance to become a driver no matter how much senority you. Than there are the people that sign the list and have no intention of becoming a driver. All I can say is SIGN THE DRIVER LIST every year no matter what anyone says. That is the only way you are going to become a driver.
  11. UnsurePost

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    That's because your unnecessarily giant ego and inflated sense of self-grandeur is getting in the way of the reality of your situation.

    It's a dead-end path, period.
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    Everything is a dead-end path from a certain perspective ... as with other things in life, it is what you make it.
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    What you all are for getting is that most jobs are dead end jobs. the only different with the FT driver job at UPS is that it it pays over $70,000 a year, you have a PENSION and other great benifts. You also have the opportunity to become a feeder driver making close to $100,000 yr.

    You go find a non dead end jobs that pays you $70,000 plus a year that you don't need a education and gives you all the benifts we get.
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    That kind of compensation might be ok in certain parts of the country but its not in any of the industrial parts.....I also wouldnt put much faith in the pension ( and medical ) continuing in its present form.....The next contract will be an interesting struggle......
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    How do you figure that I am forgetting? I'm simply correcting a misconception by a poster who thrives on correcting others to make himself feel better about his situation.

    I never once said that a UPS driver is a poor, or low-end job. I am one, and not at all suffering or impoverished. However, I am not going to sit here and lie to myself to pacify an ego or pride.

    It is a dead-end job.
  16. UnsurePost

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    Well true, that's pretty deep too. Life is a dead-end of sorts. :)

    Also, life is not about "choosing paths". It's a pet peeve of mine to hear people mention "taking different paths". There is only one path to take, the path that you take. The path is "you" You simply follow it.
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    Well it's a good thing I don't have your outlook on the future. What industries and What industrial parts of the country is $30 hr not pretty good pay ???????? And what is the averge pay in these so call industrial parts of the country ??? I would like some facts to back up your claims if you can find any???

    I know when I retire I will have a pension as far as medical benifits I don't seeing them change to much. At some point there has to be a limit to how much a insurance company can charge someone for coverage I believe that we are near those limits.
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    In additiion to asking around, see if there is an up-to-date Full-time Seniority List posted on the Union Bulletin Board. See if it lists both the drivers' part-time date of hire ("Company Seniority") and their Full-time date of hire (when they switched to driving.) This will give you a rough idea of how long they had to wait.
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    Driving is a dead end job for most because the starting pay is a lot lower than $30 per hour, and most of the people who pass through UPS' revolving doors will never reach retirement for one reason or another.
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    My biggest fear is that I will be dead before my driving career ends.
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    So you would rather work part-time at UPS and work another job , rather than go full-time as a driver or management?

    I made like $300 a week part-time and I make over $1500 a week driving. That extra 5k a month bought my house, truck and about everything else I own.

    Do you still live at home or something?