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    I can retire this summer 30 years combined service 5 years part time 25 full time local 710 pension will be 50 does anybody know with my part time pension with 30 years total will I have to wait til 65 to get that or will ups buy out that part time pension
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    Send an email to Atlanta and get the answer.
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    This isn't the place to get correct answers to your questions. Contact your Local.
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    I have to admit I have been retired a long time. Next anniversary coming up will be 15 years retired. So take it for what its worth from me.

    I don't know the Teamster Retirement Region in Illinois at all. I can tell you as I experienced in my region, if you were under 50 at the time of retirement you couldn't get health insurance. I was 49 when I walked out the door. But ran all my unused time past 50 with a ton of Vacation and Sick leave to physically leave early.

    Best Advice I can give you is get your facts straight! Before you leap! Don't break service if your facts aren't all together on the money and health benefits about your retirement!

    I have never regretted leaving at such a young age. I Planned well so I wouldn't have to work again. It was well worth the road I chose at UPS and after having been reaping the pension and health rewards I am one Happy Camper!

    Good Luck! You wont believe it once your retired. At first its like vacation then it sinks in!
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    go to the source for a good answer.