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    Hello Brothers and Sisters

    First time poster, long time watcher. Recently, me and my fellow drivers (all types) at my center (somewhere in the Great White North) were noticing that, far too often, people were "missing" hours from our paychecks. The story is rather long as to what happened, but of course, no one from management was fired.

    I was wondering if this happens in the US as well? What where the outcomes? Did any of you get your missing hours paid back? What did any of you do to keep track of how much you worked or were missing hours?

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    Hey, Eric. Change your user name to something anonymous.
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    There's an app for that........hourstracker
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    Get a small notepad and keep track of the day of the week, start and end time. If you're a cover driver, also make note of what route you ran on each day.

    Go in everyday and verify you were paid correctly. If not bring it to the attention of your Sup, and get paid. If they keep doing it, grieve it and try to get them reassigned or fired
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    If you have an iPhone try itimeclock lite; and it's free
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    I enter my time in the calendar app on my phone everyday.
  8. simple timesheet app for windows phone.