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    My main responsibility is to drive a tug pulling air containers to the ramp to be loaded onto UPS aircraft (Yeah, us ramp guys hardly work, lol). When we are down (early in the shift) I come inside the hub to help load. Does anyone have any memory tricks for memorizing load charts?

    Much Thanks,:)
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    If you are really interested, I used to drive the area, memorize the main streets and grab a few side streets and notice the number breaks. (for you that probaly would not be practical) After that its like playing a game of concentration. Hm, I know I saw one of those and it was ...over here, Nope, over here. The usps used to have a test on line, I dont know if they still do, but the library would still have it. How to study for a postal exam book. Some excellent tips in there.
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    First, I would memorize the full states you get. Then figure out which states have splits. Memorize the zip at which it splits. Saves you from memorizing all the numbers. It works better for me.
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    Write the information out on paper. It forces you to slow down and focus.
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    Just chuck them in the truck,,,,,,,,,,that is what my loader has been doing lately. Who cares if they go in the truck. The preload supervisors don't, and neither does my seasonal loader.

    Oh, he is only the second worst loader that I have ever had. The worst one is loading three split routes on the end of the belt.
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    Have your management team prepare study charts. It's not that difficult for them to do. Thats what I did when I worked in smalls. It was pages and pages of state appreviations and zips but if you break it down like CTOTH said then it almost cuts the memorization down in half. The same approach could work for preload charts.
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    Once you get all the zip codes memorized, you can put on a show at a party or other get together w/your knowledge. Someone will give you a city or state and you will know the zip. It's been 15 years since I did small sort and I still can rip off most zips for the cities in CA. Yeah, I know, boring.
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    Oh yeah, I'm one of those split drivers dealing with that mess the last few weeks. He loads half the shelves, gets tired, then just throws the rest of it on the floor including NDA's. 5 more days!!!
  9. quite true however I only do that if they're really riding me and even then I usually try to make the best of it. The problem is when they're giving you enough house stops to fill 3 whole shelves and you've only got one....that stuff has to go on the floor. I try to keep the sections together though, even before I knew all the streets on my trucks then, but sometimes that just isn't possible. Last peak they loaded one driver up so badly that he brought back 100 stops (I'm not kidding) and he did over 300 aside from those.

    Original Poster: what kind of loading do you do? the package cars? I'm assuming you're not using PAS if that is what you do (you lucky SOB lol). When I was learning, I memorized the big streets and bulkstops first like Main Street or Park Ave (something like that) for the big streets and I had colleges and such for bulk stops. Once those were memorized the rest kind of just fell into place, after a month I was pretty good about knowing what was on each truck. After 2 I knew my charts and never looked at them again (unless I had the rare case when I got a street I rarely saw).

    However if you mean trailers....well I've never done that so I don't really know lol.
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    LOL, I thought I was the only one. I did small sort over ten years ago. I still remember about 90% of the zip codes! :laugh:
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    Hey Brown Santa and Helen -- are the two of you available for children's parties?

    No, wait, that would put you over 60 hours...

    Maybe after peak