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    Hi all I am in my 4th week at UPS working on ramp. I am having trouble deciding what direction to push UDL off dolly onto k loader, what locks to pull up and having trouble getting the locks to come up. I find I have to wiggle them hard sometimes. Any tips to doing these things easier and faster? Any employee handbooks out there detailing the steps to loading and unloading the planes? Any help I'd appreciated as information on Google and U Tube seems scarce. Thanks!
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    Are you the only person working on that ramp?
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    Dont stand on the runway when that big thing with wings is landing
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    Ask your supe what the rules are about working when there is thunder and lightening.
    I know of an incident of lightening striking the thing that lifts the igloos up to the plane.
    The next day there was a "help wanted" ad in the local newspaper for that third party employer.
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    I prefer the darkening strike, less racist
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    Skipper1, have you received any training? ULD - Unit Load Device. You push it onto the Loader when loading the plane and onto the Dollie when offloading the plane. Yes the locks can be troubling sometimes, do you have the strength to pull them up and drop them down? Your questions lead me to believe you need to get off the ramp immediately before you get hurt or hurt somebody. Try Jimmy Johns.
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    Jimmy Johns helps you load and unload planes?
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    At least the OP would be off the ramp. Duh!
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    they have knives
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    I should have known this thread was going to produce :censored2: answers! No stupid, Jimmy John's is not in my future. I'm doing a good job there and I'm in college working towards a degree. Take your sarcastic answers and shove them!
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    You need to be a little more specific, there are locks everywhere. Are you talking about spinning cans before they go on to the k loader?
  12. Jones

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    Take it easy when you're rolling those cans into the trailers, I'm trying to get some sleep.
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  14. Piss off

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    You people are so stupid! Your whole identity is based on your job and all you all do is talk :censored2: about each other. All your ever going to do in life is work part time. Get a life!
  15. Hi Barney
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    You should ask the country singer, who sung about watching airplanes what to do. I know that guy gots his :censored2: together
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    Pushing the ULDs onto the K loader is all plane specific.

    767s and air buses have the majority of the ulds door to door. There are left and rights, along with a few at the very back where the doors are loaded facing forward.

    757s are single file and have the majority of the doors facing forward.

    If you are the marshaller undoing the locks, and pushing, you need to have the upload sheet and know what position 1 does, 2-3-4-5 etc.

    From there, you can get an idea of what side of the dolly to unlock so that the ULD can pivot correctly.

    You can start here
    UPS Air Cargo Aircraft
    For a fully loaded jet, each jet type starts at a different position. With a tail stand on an a300, position 1 can glide out at any time. But with the 57 and 67, 1s and 2s unload last.

    Can't help you on the locks. Some are newer and better than others. Some just stick and require two hands.
  18. SaladTosser

    SaladTosser Kill me now

    I used to have a small crow bar on my tug to help put up stuck locks.