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    Here is one example I have of misallocation of resources, followed by my address to anyone at FedEx bothering to read this drivel. Maybe a contractor or FedEx manager can explain this to me, concerning disputed deliveries. I worked a very s***ty route. I learned very quickly that FedEx will not back you up in any regard. I hate FedEx, but I am no slouch. I delivered everything right, and cut no corners. I rarely brought back packages, and never had any misdeliveries. I'd get about 2 or 3 disputed deliveries every month, and I couldn't figure out why. I always dropped at the right house and if in doubt I'd go back, and more often than not, the disputes happened in the hood, so I figured they were just being stolen or the customer wanted something for free. The terminal manager would make me contact the customer, and for some reason, go out to the house and leave a door tag. I have no problem contacting the customer, explaining I dropped the package and don't know what happened from there. It infuriated me that I had to go back to the house (not a short distance on my route) and leave a door tag. It wasted 30 minutes of my day, every time I got a dispute. Anyway..... here's what I need an answer on.

    Disputes continued, on average about 3 per month. I wised up and started taking pictures of every single package I delivered where I felt a dispute would arise. The pictures on my phone always showed the box at the door, the address on the house, and I'd try to angle it a bit so the "G" or "H" was visible on the label, as well as the date and time stamp on the photo. Sure enough, I received two disputes one week, and I had photos of the deliveries the week prior. The terminal manager would not accept this as proof that they were delivered and still strongly "suggested" I go out to each house and leave a door tag. I told him no, as this would have been 45 minutes wasted on a day when I was heavy. I called the customers and told them I delivered their stuff, had proof, and it was stolen or gone. Why the waste of resources and the plain idiocy? WHY DOES FEDEX STILL INSIST I AM TO BLAME, WITH THE TRUTH STARING THEM IN THE FACE? They seem to want to do anything to shift blame away from them, away from the customer, all on to me. Ironically, I had my "surprise" quarterly inspection the next day, after my van was loaded. One of my green ground stickers had a small hole in it. He made me get a patch for it in town before I could leave. That hole had been there the past 11 months of inspections with him.

    TO FRED: Sorry to disturb your golf game and/or your private tour of Doilywood, but if you're out there (or one of your 19 year old interns) I hope you read this and all other posts on this board! Your slave arm of FedEx (Ground) is full of good, hard working people. But it's also full of scum and corruption. More than that, it's full of mismanagement of resources and bad decision making. The millions or billions you save because your cheap ass doesn't want to provide benefits and a living wage to workers is less than what you would save if you had good frontline people to begin with. YOU LOSE MORE MONEY BY WASTING RESOURCES, AND YOU DESERVE LOSING ALL OF IT! Freddy, I would love to see UPS gobble your entire company up. I would love to see Congress or some government agency fine you into oblivion. But more than that, I would love to see you sink yourself. Your current practices with Ground are sending you down that path, albeit a slow one. If you do somehow stay in business, I hope the big unions of this country twist, pillage, and rebuild your slave empire into something you only saw in your nightmares. A union controlled, fair wage paying company with benefits, pensions and time off. A place where you and the managers have to negotiate with the very people you despise just to even stay in business. Have a pleasant day.
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    No disrespect intended, but why do you even care anymore?
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    Because I perused this board a year ago, trying to find some intel about the life of a Ground driver. If I would have read the current stuff on page 1 of this forum, I would have kept looking. FedEx has opened my eyes to what its like to work in that type of business model. It's shaken my political foundations. I am very PRO union. I will always vote now with that in mind. If I ever do open my own business again, I will remember the way we were treated, and I will treat my employees the opposite, with dignity and as much in the way of benefits/time off that I can afford, even if it hits me in the wallet a bit. If my useless BS (which I agree it is) prevents even one curious browser of this forum from applying to FedEx Ground as a driver, I will be happy. I do not speak for Express. I do not speak for people who are looking to buy routes. In my prior job, I had the opportunity to get involved with the union (Fraternal Order of Police), and I turned it down because it was alien to me.

    In future jobs, I will not pass up such an opportunity. Why do I care? Because FedEx angered me, and in return I am thankful. FedEx has allowed me to be thankful for what I have, to be appreciate of the great new job I have. When they bitch here at my new job (one that provides me benefits), I tell them "Let me tell you a story about FedEx...." And they reply "Oh, that sounds like a great place to work....!". I will educate people in my daily life about what FedEx really is. I will turn as many people away from it as I can. It takes only a few minutes to post on this board, so it is little effort and caring on my part. FedEx has a mystical way of creeping up in conversations related to work, and it's little extra effort on my part to relay some inside information to people on what really goes on. I will never have anything shipped FedEx again. I know every single customer in this county who uses Ground to ship business outbounds because I was the one who picked them up, and if I ever see them, I will do what I can to convert them to UPS. Why, just look at the impact FedEx has on people. There are posters on this board with tens of thousands of posts and they lay into Fred every chance they get. Is that a hallmark of a good corporation?

    Are there much more evil things surrounding us? Absolutely. I volunteer my time and donate to various charities to make some small impact. But I will also educate people on what type of company I worked for. I will convert customers every chance I can. I will hit FedEx in the only place that matters to them, the wallet. Even if I'm the only person that never utilizes FedEx again, thats twenty bucks less in their pockets. You seem like a fair practitioner of the unfair Ground model, bbsam, and I wish you lots of future job satisfaction, or money (whichever is more important to you). But the real question you should ask is "Why don't more people care?"

    My short answer is: I care because I was wronged. If anyone disagrees with me, that's wonderful. That is the sign of a healthy democracy. Just hit the back button and leave me to my own demise.
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    I'm confused...we leave a door tag at EVERY SINGLE DOOR we leave a package at. Lately we were told we don't need one if we mark "front door", but we can only mark front door if the front door is hidden and the package cannot be seen from the street or neighbors house. And even if you do mark front door, you should have left a door tag anyway. It wouldn't have been money out of your pocket, and would have satisfied their relentless need for it.

    And disputes are freaking common. If you did things right, they shouldn't matter. If you marked "front door" and you can prove that the front door isn't visible, you're fine. But this is HD. Is Ground that much different? Were you leaving packages out in the open? Are you allowed to? The Ground guy that delivers to our house does all the time, and I always wondered if you don't have the same guidelines as HD.
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    ???, whoever takes the pkg takes the door tag. Yawn..
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    Well, Episode, alot of people around here don't care because as bad as Ground can be, it's still better than alot of other jobs. Even many of the detractors on this forum tacitly agree when they insist that "once the economy turns around, Fred and the contractors will have to treat people better.". Why? It's still a low requirement job. I don't know how or if it will change. People can be angry and a few shippers may ,,have misgivings, but when they fi ally bottom line it on the balance sheet is when the decision will be made.
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    Are you saying the average methhead thief is smarter then FedEx management? ;)
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    90% of my front doors were visible from the street. When I started, we had to leave door tags but they did away with that. I have never heard of a policy stating the door must not be visible. Only time I left a door tag was for 07 or 04. When I dropped a package, I always hit "Front Door" and put it right in front of the door. I wasn't paid enough to be creative. If the pkg was small, I'd put it behind the screen. If the resident left a note, I'd put it where the note said. Other than that, front door = right in front of their door. My issue is not with the disputes, as I understand people will be people and steal things, but my issue was with the terminal manager's inability to deviate from his robotic, non-sensical tactics and apply a little common sense to a minor issue.

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    Maybe not smarter, just not wrapped up in layer after layer of bureaucracy. If they need to make a decision, they just make it. If they see a shiny TV sitting in front of a door, the only reasoning they apply to their decision is if they will be caught or not. They sell the TV for more meth. Very simple. They don't do what FedEx does, which is call someone, who calls someone, who has to call someone else, who then calls someone that makes a decision, but then has to call in another person to corroborate it. If crackheads operated like this, they would never be high. So I guess, in a sense, that is smarter.
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    After the first few disputes, why would you keep leaving the packages? Sorry, but I wouldn't...
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    The economy has turned around especially in the NYC metro area. It is literally impossible to find drivers (who will meet FedEx qualifications) or helpers to work 8-10 hours a day for what the going rates are (I am currently paying at least at the high end) but don't say once the economy has turned around, here in NYC & New England the economy has been booming for the past two years at least which makes you realize that you can do much better in a regular corporate job with a salary and real benefits
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    Most of FedEx management cannot read. It's actually a prerequisite of their employment.

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    There is at least one ISP in my building that has essentially turned every single package on the routes they own into ISR. It's a huge pain in the ass. I almost want to buy an evening delivery just to piss them off.
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    This is a picture of the MD from the Central region practicing for his upcoming meeting with MT3.
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    Exactly. The economy has turned around and I still find and keep good drivers. What you are seeing is nothing new. Getting and keepin drivers in large metro areas with high cost of living is always tough.
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    Very good points. I guess my point is that many people do not know what FedExG Ground is. They think UPS/ FDX Express / FDX Ground is all the same, and all pays very well with benefits, etc. I thought that way. When I think of a crappy job, I think of working at McDonald's. I know the pay is low. I also think the same thing of working at Burger King. The pay and working conditions of these two different companies in the same field are probably very similar. The delivery field is much different. One company is very, very hard to get into, with very high pay and great benefits. One is less hard, with less, but decent pay, along with benefits. And one is very easy to get into, with low (salary) pay which is half of the first company's pay, and nothing in the form of benefits. If my bitter musings can illuminate the disparity between these 3 companies and prevent someone from applying to Ground that thinks it's something it's not, or at least go in more aware, then I will be happy.
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    Nick, then raise the rate of pay...
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    Your post is confusing to me. How? I can't raise it on myself. I did the only thing I could, and got out, and got a better paying job. And I doubt any contractors are going to raise pay, just for the purpose of ethics. To raise the pay, I would have to buy a route, hire a driver, and pay him 40-50k per year. The idea of paying a driver that does not bother me. But.. the process of me buying and operating a route would be perpetuating the very cycle that I despise so much, even if I did pay my driver(s) what they deserve. Let's hypothetically consider that I did do that. Let's say I pay one or two driver 50k per year. There are 5,000 contractors nation wide. That would make me 1/5000th of the equation. That's a maximum of .02% of all FedEx ground. It's even lower, because contractors many times own more than one route. .02% is not enough of a stake in a company to make even a marginal change. It's like spitting into a lake.
  19. E7 In the words of the Geto Boys Gangster of love "Move along to the next trick"
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    Indeed. I imagine a skull session with Matty Matt the Trey would involve copious amount of window licking.