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    So in the last bid I changed centers in the same building and holy cow are things different. Not only are the sheeting options/numbers totally different in the diad....one center buys its drivers pizza every friday for no accidents or injuries, the other does nothing....One center has Damaged as an option, the other doesn't have it there at all. One has an actual SDWC option in the diad, the other does not.

    The biggest difference is in the last center every sup at the end of their PCM would say Today I need to see and rattle off a bunch of names and then scold them for something...in the new center the PCM is like 30 seconds and then the on-cars never call anyone over after unless it's a discipline thing in the office then they just pull the person aside.

    In your center do your on-cars call out names and scold them after PCM daily?
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    My management team actually treats us like adults.......
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    BigBrown, if that's a picture of your wife I am so doing something wrong!!
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    TooTechie, just smile and when the idiot (who couldn't do our job if there were 2 of him) is done be sure to ask stupid questions to make him stop and think and waste even more time, politely tell him you'll have way over 10 mins AM time charged to the pre-load manager's numbers. Smile and walk away.

    We had a new On-Car Sup who tried to do this last year. It took less than a week before they put a stop to this crap. We'd make the conversation last so long, the entire building would get out 15 mins late and muck up air deliveries for many drivers deeper in the line-up. The second the Sup mentions write-ups go find a Steward (god I loved this one as the steward never seemed to be where I went and looked for him.....go figure.)

    It is up to you to force them to treat you as an adult!
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    She must have a very bad back
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  6. ZQXC

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    Haven't been to a pcm for about 6 years; really miss all that drama.

    The central theme still replays in my mind, however: " You sumbeaches are worthless; now go out there and give me your best day!"
  7. Future

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    I use the pcm for comic relief .....we have many drivers that speak up putting the real spin on what the sup is reading off a piece of paper....
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Our center puts laminated pieces of paper in our slots if we need to discuss something with one of the on-cars. Each paper is a different color depending upon the issue (DFU, Telematics violation, concern) and they use a grease pencil to write what the issue is. Most of us try to get this taken care before the PCM but there are those who will wait until they are on the clock. None of us care for this as we feel we are being treated like 2nd graders being called to the principal's office.
  9. Wally

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    "Like the sands through the hourglass, so are the days at UPS"...
  10. rod

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    So why do it off the clock? If they feel there is a problem why would you donate your time to get your butt chewed? Don't that interfere with your time spent going through your load off the clock?
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    No..... That's not my wife. But this is my ex-wife
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