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    Ok, so I don't get it. HR told me that top pay for driver is $26/hr, but I spoke to a few drivers at the same HUB and they all tell me something different. One female driver told me she's making $30.50, while another driver is making around $28.00. I live in Queens, and I know the top pay varies from state to state. I'm just curious as to what top pay truly is, and how long it takes to get there?
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    It looks like you will be in Teamster Local 804's jurisdictional area. Their website is:
    The 'Contract' button there will direct you to pdf files of the UPS National contract, and the L804 supplement.
    I took a quick look through them to try to answer your questions (in good faith) below:
    • Top pay for driver changes every 6 months under this contract (I'm offering this as an excuse for the multitude of different responses you got). In the 804 supp. Article 2 Wages, Section 2 Full-Time Wage Schedule (as of August 2011) the 'Driver All' (I'm assuming this is their term for package car driver/service provider) rate is $30.825/hour. Also, on August 1, 2011, there was a COLA (cost of living) increase of $0.12; so by my figures it is $30.945/hour.
    • 804 supp. Art. 2, Sec. 1 Full-Time Wage Progression: Start Full-Time Job After 8/01/2008, Drivers All Others start @ $16.100 and reaches top rate after 36 months (which is after the current contract expires, top rate for Driver All at expiration is 32.200+0.12=$32.32/hour).
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    Hondo, we are at $29.77 in Upstate NY. Our split raises are being diverted to our pension for the remainder of this contract.

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    Wow! that sucks. Did you get your cola? We are @ $31.01.
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    In new england we are at $30.885
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    $30.885 here
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    Yes. I don't mind as I would rather have a little less now to ensure a secure pension later.
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    Good to know HR is so in tune.
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    got raise and COLA
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    30.915 Here in MN
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    Top Pay for full-time Air Drivers is currently $25.265 after two years. Part-time Air Drivers get two dollars less than that. Maybe that's what HR was talking about?