Tornado in Tuscaloosa

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  1. bottomups

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    Just watching the Weather Channel. They were showing tornado damage from the storm that passed through today. There was a UPS package car heavily damaged, laying on it's side/roof along the road. Anyone from the area know if the driver is OK?
  2. Anonymous 10

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    I hope he or she is ok. Oh by the way they were charged with an avoidable accident because they didn't check for space on all six sides.
  3. mikeb

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    I work in Middle Tenn. Our centers power went out at 6am and didnt come back on til 8:30. All the drivers left around 11. They gave us a curfew to be in by 7pm. Everything not delivered was sheeetd emer. cond. which was quite a lot. Ive never seen so much rain!
  4. Coldworld

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    This would actually be funny if it wasn't totally true..
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    Haven't heard about that today and I'm not far from Tuscaloosa... We had alot of straight line wind damage here in Birmingham with thousands of trees down over roads and power lines. Impassable in some communities. But it's been one tornado after another today. We were finally called in around 6:45, told to sheet them ec and bring it in. Of course we were behind FedEx and the usps who told their drivers at 4:00 to bring it on in.. There were lives lost all over the state today and I am praying for the families of those involved and am thankful that my family made it through safely.
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    Don't forget about "expecting the unexpected". :angry:
  7. Coldworld

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    ha, I put that one up there with "all problems can be solved by using the handrail"
  8. Yes that driver is fine. He managed to get out of the car before it was flipped. It's been a long day for us here. No idea if we will work tomorrow. It's really strange to see places that you delivered to and picked up from just minutes ago completely destroyed. I could never imagine Tuscaloosa being destroyed the way it was today.
  9. menotyou

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    I wish you all the best! Jim Cantore talking about that UPS truck was surreal. They say the winds reached 250 miles an hour!
    I fear for all the little poochies.
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    See this is the reason right here it was avoidable. A good methods driver like Iowa boy wouldn't have made this avoidable mistake. I think this driver should have to recite the ten point commentary 71 times in the DMs office and get a three day safety ride followed by a three day production ride.
  11. menotyou

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  12. klein

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    He retrieved his diad ! Atleast now, he'll be getting paid for the day !
  13. Dragon

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    great link menotyou.

    everyone should watch it, its incredible.
  14. bottomups

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    Appears Mr. Jones has lived my dream.
    For years I have joked with my customers during severer weather that if a tornado was sighted in the area, I was going to park my package car in it's path a run like hell.
    However, had I parked on an interstate, I would have put my 4-ways on before exiting the vehicle.

    On a serious note, the devastation in that area is beyond my comprehension. My thoughts a prayers go out to all those involved.
  15. menotyou

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    I sent it to my center manager, also.
  16. hubrat

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    Death toll in Alabama at 204...
  17. bigbrownhen

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    Thank goodness he is ok. I have been harping about having a standard protocol at all center for tornadoes attention, find a ditch if a tornado comes at you. Please!! With todays technology there is no reason they can't relay the info word for word from those weather alert radios. ie....tornado reported on the ground in Smithtown tracking northeast...other towns that are affected by this path are as follows.....Jonesville, Adamsville....
  18. hubrat

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    I have requested severe weather updates after being informed by customers of impending conditions in the past. No dice. Nothing quite like feeling completely uncared for by your company. I just try to keep an eye on radar app on the phone now.
  19. cachsux

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    We had a microburst hit the building several years ago hard enough to blow some trailers over in the yard. Our warning from inside was messages sent over the shiftcoms asking "why were there delays?" in getting the moves done. Don`t put any of your safety in anyone else's hands. The Lord helps those who help themselves.
  20. hubrat

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    Holy crap! I used to live where this footage was shot from. It's now the site of University Mall, but it was once an Army hospital and then married student housing. Northington Campus if memory serves me. They blew it all up at the end of the movie Hooper.