Tracers for lost package if there was no origin scan?

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    I'm hoping someone can help me. I made a repeat order online but this time upgraded to ups 3-5 day. But this time all that showed in the tracking for UPS since the 5th was that a label had been created and ready for UPS. I contacted the company and they put a tracer on the package today.
    The company I made the order with claimed that their warehouse has a scan showing the package left their facility, but that UPS doesn't show a receipt for the package into their system. And they said that if UPS cannot find it then UPS will be in contact with me if they can't find it. They said this could take up to 14 days.

    Assuming the company is telling the truth and do have a scan showing it left their facility, how likely is it that my package will be recovered through UPS?

    Also, why would UPS get in contact with me if the package is lost, and not the company?

    The company also said that we can talk about refunds and whatnot once the claims process begins. This doesn't seem right to me. Since I don't even have any proof they gave UPS a package at all, only their word that they did, so it seems to me that I'm being forced to wait to see what turns up, for no good reason, given that the problem is between them and UPS, and between me and the company, and not between me and UPS. From my perspective, the company is the one who has failed to deliver on their end of our transaction. Right? I guess I just don't understand why whatever issue their warehouse had with UPS should be my problem?

    Here's the tracking
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    Basically no sign of the package in the UPS system. If it's not scanned somewhere along the line it's either lost or never left the original shipper.
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    99.99% chance it never left their facility, given the history there
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    Your beef is not with UPS, it is with the company you ordered whatever you ordered. The only thing UPS has to do with this scenario is we happened to be the company that supplied the label.
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    Thanks for your answers, that's pretty much what I figured. But can you guys explain to me the scan that the company is referring to when they say that their warehouse has a scan showing it left their facility? And whether that scan would be proof that UPS was the last to have possession of it, even if UPS doesn't have receipt of the package into their system? And also where does the origin scan into the UPS network take place? I guess I want to know what the pick up process is when UPS picks up packages from warehouses.

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm presently corresponding with the company about all this. This is an important package to me, and if it can be narrowed down to a certainty that the absolute most probable place my package is located is at their warehouse, or in UPS's possession, that would be a great help to recovering the package. Thanks.
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    There is a "manifest" scan that indicates a label was created. However, that is the only scan we can see on Many companies refer to this as their scan saying they created the label but it does not mean they put the label on the pkg, or that they gave UPS the package. A small handful of companies do physically scan packages they tender to UPS internally. Some of those work in partner with UPS and it would show on the tracking, others keep it internal. However, the number of companies that do that is very very small. Also, as to UPS contacting you. We will not. If a tracer is in system by the shipper, UPS contacts the shipper only. The consignee then gets contacted by the shipper. We do make mistakes occasionally, however, we get blamed for a ton of mistakes since shippers never ever admit it was them, it's easier to blame the other guy.
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    You would have to ask the shipper what scan they are talking about. It has not been scanned by a UPSer.
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    The tracer will be closed pretty quickly as there is no scans of the parcel in the UPS system.

    Chances are the label was never put on the parcel or the parcel was never even picked & packed, they are probably assuming because someone created the shipment they sent out the parcel.