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    Hi, I just became a ft package car driver in the western union aug 8. My fiancé and I hate it here. Was wondering how to transfer to the eastern union. How does that work? Do I have to wait a certain amount of time? Is there any way to do a spousal move? If she buys a house there can I be transferred? Any point in the right direction would be great.
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    I thought people mainly use Western Union for money transfers, not package delivery. I’d probably hate it too. Maybe Eastern Union will be interested in hiring you to acquire some of their trade secrets.
  3. burrheadd

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    You’re not going to the Eastern Union my friend

    Better learn to like it in the Western Union

    (I always thought that was a place to send money)

    You learn something everyday
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  5. MECH-lift

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    Sorry buddy your trapped ...NO TRANSFER FOR YOU
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    I believe the western region is the only region allowed to transfer. And only within certain states. The sign up list should go up October 1st. You'll have two locations to choose from.
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  7. Fitbit App :)

    Fitbit App :) Vote! We all agree everybody should vote

    Hey! Hey! There's my center. :)

    Unions at UPS & The History of our Teamster's Relationship | UPS

    Maybe he can put in for Kauai.
  8. Fitbit App :)

    Fitbit App :) Vote! We all agree everybody should vote

    As far as I know, SimplyMike is correct and his uploaded lists are your center choices. From reading on here. It's obvious we have a way more iron-fisted area. UPS all started in Seattle is why I believe. That's where the yellow brick road starts and ends. Same with Amazon now.

    Georgia sounds like Peaches & Cream.

    Good Luck!
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    I want to be a Beaver feeder.
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    Just a thought, ask your union?
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    Fitbit App :) Vote! We all agree everybody should vote

    Stay away from Alaska. Very few that transfer there or from there to the PNW make it long-term I've noticed.

    John Day, Oregon sounds good. JMHO
  13. PappyLand

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    Just move to the east coast in Jan and Re qualify.