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    Forgive me if this question has been asked many times before, I've been unable to find any related posts on here. I was hired on as a ft driver in February of this year after working pt for 8 years on preload. Lately I've been considering some possible changes for my family and I. Has anyone had any experience with trying to transfer to another hub, possibly in another state? Even further, has anyone on here been able to drop back down to a pt position after going ft? Thanks in advance for any tips.
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    - National transfers are prohibited. Some local & regional supplements permit local or regional transfers (typically within your union local only).

    - You may be able to arrange a de facto transfer; that is, you quit your current location and re-hire at your new location as an outside hire. I wouldn't expect this, but it is an option that has been used.

    - FT->PT is covered in local & regional supplements, if at all. There's few places where it can happen.
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    Just hold out for article 22.3 lol. If your leaving do it before u hit full scale. Once you get use to those checks it's hard to give them up.
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    Sorry to pass on the bad news but unless your covered under the Western supplement / rider your not transferring any where. If your not covered under the western supplement your would have to quit and hope to get rehired at a new location if they don't put your name on the do not rehire list. IF they don't put your name on the no rehire list there shouldn't be any reason why you couldn't apply for a PT position however your going to be basically starting over and it could be another 8 or more years before you get another chance to driver again.

    As far as going back to PT at your building and doing an educational transfer that isn't going to happen since you made your 30 days. IF you could go back to everyone with a lot of seniority would be doing it. (ie put in 20 plus year driving then go back to PT making basically the same rate your making as a FT driver since your PT pay would be based on when you started working will all the raises from that date ). Who wouldn't want to work PT making $30 hr for that last couple of years working at UPS.
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    Around here 22.3 jobs go to ft drivers with 10+ years seniority. And thats if there are ever any posted. As for the money being hard to give up, its too true for some people. I know one older driver thats been on injury and came back looking like he's already got one foot in the grave and I asked him why he doesn't retire. He said he's got to make the money while he can.
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    I been working at ups since 2006. I transfer to another building because of school reasons. But when I finish school I came back to my original building. But when it came down for me to become a full time driver. I was told I can't because I lost my building seniority but no one never told me this and it's not in the union handbook stating that. So I need answers on how can I keep my original seniority. Thanks

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  7. joeboodog

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    Talk to your shop steward.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You retain your original seniority date for vacations and pension but lose it when you transfer----you go to the bottom of the list, which is fair. This should have been fully explained to you before you agreed to the transfer.
  9. barnyard

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    You can't. You lost that seniority when you transferred. The only seniority you keep is company seniority for vacation time; for everything else, you moved to the bottom of the list. When you moved the 2nd time, you moved to the bottom of the list again.

    Too bad, how sad.
  10. shyne504

    shyne504 New Member

    I understand that very well. But in the handbook it does to say u lose seniority because of school. I been having my seniority date all these years. When it was time for me to go full time, they said I had no seniority. Took them five years to tell me bout my seniority.

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  11. barnyard

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    You could have educated yourself by reading the contract.
  12. Kicked Your Dog

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    Wrong. I work in CA and I can transfer to nearly any state in the western US (Idaho, Nevada, Hawaii, etc.). If you transfer within your local, you'll retain some seniority, not so for out of local transfers.
  13. Bagels

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    One more time: national transfers are prohibited; some local/regional supplements do permit them. Transferring within the West is regional not national.
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