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    Hello all, I have a question. I live out in California and just transferred centers. There were only mine and this other guy's name on the list. I got a call a month and a half ago and got my transfer. I thought UPS would notify my center and my center would notify me, but I had to notify my old center that I was moving on. Well, I've been at my new center for a month and a half and I meet this new transfer today ( the other guy on the list and his first day at our center) and he said he's been with the company for many years (he's got more years in than I do). I told him that I just transferred too, the other month. He right off the bat says that he's gonna bump me in seniority because he says his center never told him that spots were open at the center we're at. He said UPS left him messages but he never got them. I feel like a month and a half is a long time to not get any "calls" CAN HE BUMP ME IN SENIORITY? All I did was answer my phone when they called me. I know they wouldn't call me before him.
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    I'm assuming you're in Bay Area, CA. This seems to happen a lot, and yep they always end up sorting out the seniority. Sometimes they conveniently forget to notify the higher seniority guy, and transfer the lower guy. Higher guy hears word, and they've sent guys with lower seniority back to their original building months after they were transferred. We had one that got mistakenly passed over, and when they finally transferred in, were given the spot they would've had if they would have been transferred when they should have, leapfrogging 10 drivers. That didn't make lots of people happy!
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    Maybe, if he can win a grievance then he can have his seniority changed.