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Does anyone know the policy and how it works if a package car driver wants to transfer to a different state. Any help would be appreciated Thanks.


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I don't think it is allowed. UPS does not transfer,unless it's their choosing and unless it is a hardship case. I know of a manager in our building whose wife got a job in another state,he asked for a transfer,they said no,he quit.I could be wrong,Someone else want to add?


I think that if you show to them that you are going to attend a school / college or university in that state....they might help you with the transfer....but I am not completely sure. Sorry. :mellow:


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As far as I know it isn't allowed unless a center shuts down totally or routes are transfered to another center. If anybody was allowed to transfer anywhere 3/4 of the drivers in the US would have been after my route. (except in the winter). I delivered 25 of my 30 years among the lakes in Minnesota.


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nope its not allowed...Even if it was for school, you'd still lose your seniority transferring to the other facility..
I do know years back they offered p/t's the chance to go over to another one of our facilities about 40 miles away..Also, the inside friend/t car washers are allowed to bid between bldgs..weird


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Thats kind of funny. That would benefit the employee and we all know that is not in Browns best interest.Actually when I worked in South Florida I know Fred-Ex people were always transferring down and bumping drivers.. oh I mean Couriers off their routes and they hated it. Alot of them went back to Cleveland when they found out it was $400K for a 1500 sq. ft. house.(But I sold my 3000 sq. ft. house in Ohio for 90K duh.)


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It is allowed within the Great Basin District....We have had several come, and several transfer out. You just go to the bottom of seniority where you transfer to. We have had some transfer from Vegas, AZ, and Cali, and have them go to Montana, and Oregon. They have a transfer list they put up once a year, and when an opening comes up in the bldg you request, you have the option.
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Other than the VERY RARE "Hardship Transfer" you can't transfer once you are full-time. It is one of the draw backs of being a union company. I like how FedEx does it. You can transfer anywhere and it is based on company seniority and not building seniority. It really wouldn't be that difficult to do that at UPS.


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Does anyone know the policy and how it works if a package car driver wants to transfer to a different state. Any help would be appreciated Thanks.

Actually it is allowed, but here is the catch, you have to put your name on the Building Seniority (which includes all part time preloaders etc) list where you are transferring, so it takes maybe 5 or so years until you may be transferred to an open driving position, then all expenses are at your cost. This is the other catch, once transferred, you lose all seniority...building wise. Basically you keep your company seniority and can retire etc, but you start from the bottom in that building as a cover driver, you have to build that back up until you have enough to bid on a route.


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You can transfer within your division. I transfered from AZ to UT. You lose center seniority and take no vacation for a year and your sick pay is paid off as soon as you transfer and insurance is different in some states as well as pay and weeks for vacation.
I lost a week of vacation and pay was about 15 cent different and insurance is a whole lot different as well!
All in all it was still worth it for me cause it is just tooooo damn hot in AZ and I love Utah!


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Does not happen here, Ive never seen it anyway. I asked for a transfer back to my old center in 1994, they were short a driver I was working there instead of my new center every day. I wanted to move back to that center to be close to my parents who were getting on and ill, so I could check on them every night. I sent a formal letter, and slid one under the district mgrs door, and never got a reply to either.


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Here in Canada they do allow it. Two of my coworkers are transferring across country this month. And I know 2 centers in Alberta which are looking for friend/t transfers and the president (Canada) has authorized anyone wanting to transfer there the okay to do so. They just fall to the bottom of the seniority list.


I was just wondering since I'm an package handler now at a hub and I want to become a driver but i don't want to drive out of my hub and would like to drive out of another hub nearby which is also in the same union. do you think I'll be allowed to.

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I had assumed that you could transfer. Someone mentioned that if an employee was transferring for educational purposes- the company would make an exception. I am currently nineteen and possibly looking to carry on my education in a different part of New York State. Would that make it impossible for me to stay with UPS?


I work in so cal. They put up the transfer list once a year at our center. I put my name on it once and almost took it. They gave me a week to decide.


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I was browsing the teamsters union present contract and found this. The article below pertains to part-time employees.This is the only wording I've found pertaining to transfers.As far as fulltime and outside the scope of continued edumacation maybe somebody else might run acrossed it, or drop a dime to the union.

Part-time employees who wish to transfer to another location for educational purposes may submit a written request to the Employer. If approved, the transfer shall be allowed subject to the following conditions:
A part-time opening exists at the desired location.
Employees must have attained seniority and been employed by the Employer for at least one (1) year.
Job Classification Seniority shall be end-tailed.
Company seniority shall be retained for the purpose of number of weeks of vacation, and number of holidays in accordance with the applicable Supplement at the new location.
Any expenses, including moving expenses associated with an approved transfer, shall be the responsibility of the employee.

hope this might help to answer some of interpretations that have been posted.


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In the Great Basin district, you dont need a reason to transfer. If you want to transfer, you put your name on the list for the bldg you wish to go to. When a spot opens, you have the option to go