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    i work at the ups hub in edison, nj and they finally started doing something about my transfer after 3 months of asking for one. i met all the requirements (school, 1+ year of employment, approval from supervisors) but management just dragged their feet in signing off on it. but whatever, they just signed it and im getting calls from district HR in philly and the ball finally got rolling. but my concern is the background check. what does it check for? unfortunatly i got into some trouble a while back but im on conditional discharge now (a much lighter probation). but my probation officer gave the OK to leave the state and live in philadelphia. So does anyone know what is checked in the background check and how long it takes? cuz im assuming after its done i will get the transfer.
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    our hr goes by a 3+ strike rule, 3 convictions in the last 10 yrs and your dqed......also if you do pass our background check, you may fail a tsa background check since its in air hub
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    I worked in the Phila air hub.... And they are so hard up for people, that the background check is actually a fog test.. What they do is hold a mirror up in front of you, and if the mirror fogs, then you passed the test and the transfer is pushed through.

    Seriously when I worked there in the early 90's there was no such test. If you had a pulse you were hired. and from a feeder driver that I know, things haven't changed much there.
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    The background check is very strict.....They go back 5 years and you better have a clean record or you have no shot. I know people that worked here and had something on there record and weren't aloud to come back. Its not a UPS thing it's a FAA thing since we are on airport property. It doesn't matter how bad they need people UPS doesn't have the final say......
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    early 90's is not the same as late 2000's.
    they check just about everything during background checks.
    this alone might make you fail the background check.