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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by cmsullivan, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. cmsullivan

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    I am trying to move from one Hub(OakHaven TN) to another one(Sharonville OH), is it at all possible to do this? I am a loader and I have been with the company two years....Also if I moved would that increase my chance of getting a on package car or feeder?
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    I think that loaders can transfer only for educational purposes. You can transfer if your attending a college or technical school, education along those lines.
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    This is a topic that comes up quite often. If you use the search function ....

    You will see this has been covered extensively.

    Contract wise.... it's Article 22 Section 6 of the contract.

    When in doubt, call your Local and speak with your Business Agent.

  4. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I did it. I transferred from a hub to a smaller building in state. The process of how to do this seems to vary depending on the hub you work in or which hub your extended center falls under. It all depends on the H.R. really. Transferring not only allowed me to be closer to the college i was attending but cut quite a few years off the wait time for a full time job too.
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    I actually work at the Sharonville hub, also as a loader. Wait for driver is a minimum of 6 years. Also with transferring, you'll lose building senority.
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    they may make you start all over again..drivers can oly move to another bldg..only if there work moves
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    The odds of being able to transfer is low these days, and it's almost always reliant on education enrollment.

    That said if you succeed in transferring you'll retain your seniority when it comes to vacations, pay and possibly some other things, but as far as bidding on positions you'll have a new date based on when you started at the new location.