Truck Driver Injured In Morning Accident

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    Truck Driver Injured In Morning Accident - News 25

    The driver of a United Parcel Service semi-tractor trailer was Life-Flighted to a Peoria hospital after an accident at Interstate 1-55 and 74 early this morning.
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    looked like a ups frieght rig to me!!
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    I hope he is going to be ok. What caught my attention in this article is the fact that most people are not going to be able to tell wether this is a regular UPS employee or part of the new companies recently acquired like Overnight, motor cargo or menlo. I believe this UPS employee is part of our non union UPS Frieght division. The way I can tell this is the description of the second trailer says it was HAZMAT cargo which dosen't travel in our regular ground network of feeders. You may ask "so what?", Well as a package driver18 years and now recently turn feeder driver I sometimes read this unfortunate stories about UPS accidents and I want to know what type of driver was involved. I don't consider myself a trucker even though I now drive these type of rigs. I belive being a package driver so long help me view this work much differently than a non package driver like these new truckers that have become part of our network. I wonder about what type of safety training they recieved from their former employers. I know UPS has began to retrain them in the UPS ways of safety. I'm also not trying to say that we regular feeder drivers don't have accident because we do. What I'm trying to say is that it may say UPS on the truck, and thats all the media cares about, but until we truely integrate I sometimes wonder about our non union feeder UPSers:mellow:
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    Great point! The transportation industry doesn't have a safety standard as far as I know. Its accidents like this that make me wish it did. Companies other than UPS provide lip-service to safety and training their personnel in safe conduct/equipment operation may leave much to be desired. Integrations take time. Its accidents like these that tell much about the progress of integrations. Didn't I read somewhere recently that its costing more and taking longer than expected to integrate Overnight and Motor Cargo into the UPS system?

    Thoughts and prayers to the driver's family. -Rocky
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    I'm also a Feeder Driver for UPS and I'm curious to hear a follow up as to the reason why he crashed.Please stay on top of this incident if possible.Tires?Speed?Fatigue?
    I also agree,the video of the truck and trailers wasn't to conclusive exactly which freight division was involved.
    Hopefully driver will be ok.
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    I just searched online and this was the most recent I could find. That was from 3 May. Will keep an eye out for further updates. He was quite a ways from home, by the way. I went to school an hour and and a half or so from Peoria. Its not what I would call close to the Iowa line. -Rocky
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    The trailer that didn't flip over had a Motor Cargo logo on it, UPS Freight uses those trailers. Motor Cargo was a company that Overnite owned at the time that UPS took over.
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    I think my center had somebody go out and investigate that wreck. That guy is really hurt, hope he will be ok.
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    this was a feeder driver from addison
    he drifted off of the road and nailed the semi on the shoulder and the van that was stopped to change it's tire.