trucks per loader/ppl in feeders/supervisors working

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    i have been with ups for 2yrs now, when i started there was 1 person in the feeder unloading, 2 spa(one doing spa and addy correction) and 3 trucks per loader(except real heavy days) and no supervisors working unless absolutely necessary or to train some one . Now we have 2 unloaders, 2 spa (one doing spa usps and addy correction) 2 ppl with 3 trucks and 3 with 4 trucks and on the heavy days the ones with 4 get bumped to 5. supervisors working everyday unloading etc.., it is very difficult for us to maintain and keep up with out haveing a boatload of missloads, and when we do we get our as*es chewed out.. this to me and a few others at my hub does not seem fair in any way. just wanting opinions on how other hubs are being ran. :fightings:
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    I load 4 and on a real heavy day I get 5. I load most out of my center but 2 other people load 3-4 mostly 4 but never 5
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    It's all about pph my friend. We have. guys loading 4 trucks with a total of 1100 pkgs total
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    You should be filing on all the supervisor work going on. Who cares about their pph. It's really funny they pay part timers like $10 an hour and try to use as few of them as possible and work them as little as possible. Drivers get paid $30+ an hour and they try to work them as long as they can.