Truly bizarre question for retired N. NJ drivers

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by pa59emt, Dec 9, 2006.

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    OK, this is going to seem really bizarre! Any chance of anyone on this board from northern NJ remembering anything about a UPS driver being gunned down by a suspected mob hit in December 1972 of off Interstate 80? An old friend of mine (I grew up in Wayne, NJ) that I was talking to recently stated he had an uncle, Anthony (Tony) Fusco (Sp?) that had left the mob and had started a new life and eventually was driving for UPS. In Dec. '72, he was supposedly gunned down - second attempt - on or near I-80 while working and delivering. My friend said he was from Howell Township, NJ, and he only recently learned of this from his mom, who was the brother (his uncle) of the shot driver. She was too scared to mention it before now for fear of mob retaliation, but said now that it's been almost 35 years, she thought he should know. Can't find anything on the web (that's a first!). Just curious, Brown Cafe has a better internal network (grapevine) than any corporate network.

    Oh, Merry Christmas everyone, hope everyone is surviving peak! Be safe.

    Cheryl, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks for all of the work and effort of maintaining this site.
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    Anthony Fusco Jr. was Mike Tyson's New Jersey attorney when he was trying to get back into boxing in 1998....coincidence?
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    I gotta know, More...... Did you know that off the top of your head??
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    I WAS raised in an Italian household, you know.:mad:

    I just searched New Jersey Mafia and that person's name came up. I would suggest that if pa59emt wants to fool around, he could maybe search archives for the 2 biggest newspapers in N.J. I think they are the Star Ledger in Newark and the Times in Trenton. Maybe you can come across an old article.

    I tried a little searching but was running around in circles....and I don't want the Cosa Nostra thinking I'm spying on them. I don't need a horse's head in my bed!!

    There are a couple of neat sites about the N.J. mobs and all the different families. For such a small state they certainly have a lot of crime families.

    Gotta stir the pasta e fagioli.....Ciao!
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    Thanks for checking. You and I apparently share the same level of paranoia! Here's the kicker, I can't remember the name of the newspaper for that area, and I delivered it (by bicycle, and had to go around on Friday evenings by bike to collect) for many years as my first job. I could swear it had "Passaic" (as in county) in the name, but I can't quite recall it. It's driving me nuts! Sounds like I'll have to call my dad tonight to have him (a 76 year old) tell me something I forgot. Enjoy dinner! (Any chance you also can cook a wicked Italian meal?)
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    Passaic....North Jersey Herald & News.

    I make a wicked bracciole & sauce (or gravy like you folks like to call it)

    I love Italian foods !!
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    As For Jersey Papers try the Bergan Evening Record. There was a story I remember of a mob hit on a driver out of saddlebrook back in the early 70's.