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  1. R3439234

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    Looking for contact information for the Tulsa, OK station. I have already spoke with HR. I am trying to contact a manager to explain my situation and try to get hired on. I was a seasonal who missed a day due to my wife going to the hospital. I was never called back and I have not been able to work there due to my wifes treatment schedules. I am desperately trying to get back in. Any help would be great. Please private message me.
  2. R3439234

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    Does anyone have this information? Please help!
  3. tworavens

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    Is this the phone number you called?

    (405) 254-8401
    5805 S 118TH EAST AVE
    TULSA, OK 74146

    That number may be for the customer counter. If you call it, ask them to connect you to the Center that you worked for; if you know the manager's name ask to connect to him.

    It also might be worthwhile to go there in person and talk to a HR person, don't know whether a manager will speak with you in regard to getting hired, it's not really their responsibility.
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    Thanks for the number. I have talked to both Hr reps on the phone and no luck. I will try talking to a manager and if that doesn't work I will just go up there. I just hope I don't have any issues with security.
  5. R3439234

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    I got a hold of an Hr rep that said they would change my rehire status but I have to talk to the manager that coded me non-rehirable. I will continue trying and not give up till I get back in.
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    How to get rid of a caller ... monkey is back on your back.
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    You shouldn't have any issues with security.. so when you go tell you want to speak with the manager..and then just sign in as a "Vistor" the security guard will properbly ask to take your Driver's License or State ID until you Leave Sign-out
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    Why are you desperately trying to get back in? There's been drivers with 6-7 years getting bumped back to working part time doubles to get their hours.

    As for a supervisors number, who was your supervisor? Load/Unload? What shift, Twilight/Preload? They're probably not going to pull any strings unless you worked your butt off, if you had worked your butt off you probably would have gotten a call back in the first place regardless of missing a day.

    You're probably better off looking for another job. If you need a number that badly I can try to get one for you next week.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The OP broke the unwritten rule of never calling in during Peak. He is now trying to get back in and is understandably having a very difficult time in doing so. I also agree that he needs to move on.
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    I started during peak a few years ago and I think I called in, then again I was unloading 3 or 4 45ft trailers before break. Last years peak wasn't really a peak...

    Plus the sups here let people be late or absent without repercussion, that way if you file grievances they come back at you with your attendance :peaceful: Not that a seasonal employee is in the union or anything though...

    I found the preload numbers if that was your shift, 918-254-8513 for the preload office and 918-254-8520 for the tower. You'll probably want to ask for Jimmy.

    Hey if you get rehired you can start during this coming peak!!! :devil3:
  11. R3439234

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    Thanks for the numbers. Currently trying to get someone to answer the phone.