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  1. upser_J

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    does anyone know if we are getting or not getting turkeys (or turkey coupons) this year?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We will not be getting coupons this year. This will hurt the charities that we used to donate the unused coupons to, along with other items, in gift baskets.
  3. worldwide

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    Why should it hurt the charities? What's preventing you or anyone else from donating a turkey and/or gift basket to the local charity?
  4. jimmythetech

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    "Turkeygate" was announced earlier in the year when we were told there would be no pay raise, no 401K match, no turkey, job reductions and consolidations.
    This is done so that uppper management can still "collect" UPS Deferred Compensation Plan money. That plan allows certain managers to participate in the UPS Deferred Compensation Plan if, as of August 25, 2008, you are a region department manager or have equal or greater managerial responsibilities at UPS or one of the UPS authorized subsidiaries, are eligible to participate in the UPS Savings Plan and are not domiciled in Puerto Rico. In addition, non-employee directors of United Parcel Service, Inc. are eligible to participate in the Plan.
    Go read the SEC 10K filing to see how "they" have restructured pay so quietly that it is not well known that a manager as described above can defer 35% of their pay to be matched by UPS and after a year almost double the amount. All the facts and figures are in the 10K, just search for "UPS Deferred compensation Plan"
  5. dannyboy

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    I dont mind paying the guys at the top well when they produce well. That is the way it always has been at UPS. When the company does great, so does the employees that have invested in the company.

    Problem is we now have a different sheriff in town, and he intends to run things his way, even if it means running it into the ground. I know, labor costs are the largest single cost item at UPS, but that is to be expected from a SERVICE company. But since we are so focused on other issues.....

  6. cwmaxxout

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    This no Turkey thing will also hurt Part-Time workers who don't make as much, that depend on this during this time of year. Maybe they should have been exempt from a caring Company, many only have one job. Part-Timers play a big role in this picture, so do Full-Timers. But the wealth really miss them, not counting the massive saving with the long waiting period for Benefits, just a thought!
  7. moreluck

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    All the years when turkeys were given out, lots of folks complained about "the cheap-ass company" and "big deal, a turkey".

    Now you act like the turkey was made of solid gold. My gosh, turkeys are cheap this time of year and sometimes free with a regular grocery purchase. You'll get a much better feeling donating something you bought yourself.

    It's not personal, it's just business.
  8. brownrod

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    Indoctrination. One day, all the old fogies who care about service will be retired. And we will have a new army of drivers who only care about numbers.
  9. tarbar66

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    I hope you are wrong about drivers caring about numbers more that service!

    Even the runners I worked with knew they had better not get done early at the cost of service.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Management is still getting turkeys.... No Turkey for Teamsters....
  11. No we're not. SOCKS, don't stir the pot!!!
  12. Baba gounj

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    good I interest anyone in a goose ?
    we have a very good supply around here, with scores of people feeding them daily. They are quite fat . No one will notice if some go missing.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    My turkey was the largest most delicious bird I have ever seen. I guess since we didn't have to feed the union folk this year UPS sprung for the good turkeys.
  14. raceanoncr

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    Too bad you have to resort to this!
  15. moreluck

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    In 28 years ours never topped 14 lbs.......you're fibbing socks!
  16. rod

    rod retired and happy

    I think that day was yesterday--------------------:sad-little:

    P.S. 38 cents a pound for turkeys. (I bought 3- kept 2 and donated 1 to the food shelf.
  17. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    The only Turkey here is SOCKS !!!!!
  18. Wait a minute, we did give Socks a turkey this year.
    He was the only one that got one though.
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  19. Cezanne

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    Turkey on steriods, That's it, I have been wondering about the strange aggressive behavior of management around this time of the year. Thanks Socks, for the explanation...Old Wise One...:wink2:
  20. trplnkl

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    You may as well have said," Don't post".