Twin Cities Driver Positions

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  1. Minneapolis

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    Im going to apply for a part time package handler position with the hopes of becoming a full time driver someday.

    Does anyone here work at either the eagan/st paul hub or the minneapolis hub? If so can you tell me what the aprox. time it takes at either one of these hubs to be able to get into a driving position?

    Thanks for your time!

  2. grandma

    grandma New Member

    jason they say six years. but who knows
  3. Minneapolis

    Minneapolis New Member


    Does anyone know witch one has more 20+ year employees?
  4. kingOFchester

    kingOFchester Well-Known Member

    But I like the way you think.
  5. grandma

    grandma New Member

    I'm in eagan and as I walk down the aisle it seems there are many many trucks that have little signs on them that say 20+ safe driving, but I never counted and have no idea.
  6. barnyard

    barnyard KTM rider Staff Member

    You have to roll the dice. The Broadway building is the oldest, so it should have the oldest workforce. No real growth there. The areas are set and there is constant expansion/contraction of already established routes.

    Eagan is a newer building, but it is in the highest growth area of the state. When we start growing again, Eagan will see routes that never existed before. Eagan is also where feeders are based.

    Maple Grove is the newest bldg and is in a very high growth area. Lots of very young drivers there.
  7. blue efficacy

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    Whether you go to Broadway or Eagan or MG, you're looking at years to be a driver. Keep that in mind.
  8. Minneapolis

    Minneapolis New Member

    Thanks for the information. I have worked in union jobs my whole life so I understand seniority and how it works. I'm just trying to get a feeling on what I'm looking at.

    My last job they told me it would take 5 years to get on the day shift but it only ended up taking me 1.5 years. We had a bunch of retirements!
  9. barnyard

    barnyard KTM rider Staff Member


    During the downturn there was lots and lots of relooping. Centers were combined, more relooping, etc. I would think that it will be a very long time till Maple Grove hires an off the street driver.
  10. Minneapolis

    Minneapolis New Member

    So I decided to apply at the Eagan hub. I took the tour and had the interview. There was almost 20 people on the tour.

    How many new hires start every week at the eagan hub?