Typical UPS Progression?

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    Hey all. I'm interested in starting a career with UPS but it looks as if I'll have to start on the part-time package handler position (which doesn't pay much). How fast is the typical progresstion from part-time package handler to driver and what are the steps in between? Thanks!

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    It depends on the building you work for, and luck. You're probably better off trying to work for Fred if you don't want to spend any time being a handler.
  4. Progression in UPS from part-time to full-time, to me is a sucker's route to a full time position. I say that because I have seen and know of people that have been part-time for YEARS trying to become full time. One guy in particualr has been placed on "the list" to become a driver. That was two years ago. HE is still waiting. I, personally, was told pretty much the same thing. I told HR I had too many responsibilities to work part-time. I NEEDED full time work. I started FULL TIME AS A DRIVER OVER 12 YEARS AGO. I am STILL full time. UPS management is known for their deceptive practices. If they tell you one thing, get it confirmed by several others, plus your shop steward BEFORE beliving what they tell you. Remember, THEY MAKE THE RULES ONLY TO BREAK & CHANGE THEM.
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    Bottom line: don't work at UPS and become him. ^^ :sad-very:
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    like they said, depends on each center as to the time, man that sucks you cant even go into a truckstop without some jerk messing with your trailers, ou sup now tells us theres no such thing as a saftey check, they never belive things like that happens, always pays to walk around your set after left unattented.
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    Not sure if I missed a post or what, but if you are talking about someone pulling your 5th pin, here's a good habit to get into doing. When parking set trailer brakes first, then pull tractor up and put pressure on the pin, then set your tractor brakes. This makes it very difficult if not nearly impossible for some idiot to pull your pin. Yes, always do a quick walk around just to check stuff like trailer seals, pintle latch, air lines, and 5th release handle. There's all kinds of lowlife's out there who will screw with you just to be screwing with you.
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    Become a package handler first. Its the only way you will ever appreciate driving. Most(not all) of my drivers who were hired off the street cant stand their job and they require more supervision. I started as a package handler and worked my way up. Where I am from the wait is about 6 months to a year at the most. That is a far cry from the 5 and 6 year wait when i was part time.
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    last time I looked the route for moving from part time to full time was set up by and written by the union. They thought it was the fairest way to do so. They were afraid management would move their favorites into full time driving jobs first. yet here you are somehow claiming management is doing something dishonest again? I think you need to look into your own house for blame and leave the management boogey man out of this one.
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    I too have seen cover drivers wait for 2,3,5 years for a full time driving status. They all drove everyday, 50-60 hours per week, but yet were still part-time drivers. Part of the problem is, when a full time position does come open and the bid list is put up, people that have not been cover driving still have the rights of seniority. thus bumping the cover driver. To me the fairest way of doing that is, full time jobs should be bid only by those that are currently cover. Cover drivers should have their own job seniority list for bidding FT driving jobs.

    Tie, don't you see that if not for the guide lines set up in the contract that some management would move their favorites into full time driving jobs first.?