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  1. speeddemon

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    Just curious on the longest number of years of service and still an unbid driver. I have 11 years in driving and still unbid. Not by my choice either.
  2. flupser

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    speed.... i know a 20 year driver who chooses to be a swing driver.says he likes to be on a different run every week.it's hard to believe you can't get your own run after 11 years.what a bummer,no way i could do that.
  3. wingrider

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    In our small extended center we have a guy who is at 17 yrs and not bid yet, but next in line !!! Be Well...
  4. upsdude

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    Have a guy in my building with 2 years and a bid route.
  5. clarkie

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    we had a route go unbid last go around... a military base.
  6. getodriver

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    we have a driver with 25 plus years and doesnt want a bid route he said it gives him somthing to complain to the sups about but he loves being on a different route every week.
  7. jim

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    What happens when no one bids on a route. Is it filled from the bottom up or what?
  8. swingdriver

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    I've been a swingdriver for 6 years. Not that long, I know, but there is no end in sight. Once you are a swingdriver it's hard to get out. Sup's will do everything in their power to keep you there (I don't blame them). There are several drivers who have come up after me and have their own routes. The trick is that the routes they run are "unassigned". So if I bid on one of those routes I am still a swingdriver. When you say, "I am higher up on the list" they say ,"Well, that's the only route he knows." That's very true, however, that will be the only route he knows until you send him out on something different. When I first started driving I ran a route for 2 months. I came to work one day and they told me "I was removed from that route and now I am a swingdriver." "Here's a map, you're on John Doe's route, you'll be fine." Been swinging ever since.
  9. wily_old_vet

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    in my area all routes go up for bid once a year. fortunately i have enough seniority to keep mine but i've been bumped twice in the past.
  10. rushfan

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    I've been a swing driver for 6 years also. I waited for a decent route to show up. Yep the problem is once I got my route, other drivers who I covered for ask me if I will do their route if no other drivers were available.
    I've been paid by drivers money, and gift certificates to do their route. You ask the others, "What's in it for me".

    In our area, we too have a military base. No one wanted the route. Receiving places changed on it weekly, causing problems. Plus, if a driver didn't have military experience they couldn't understand the military lingo.

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  11. brett636

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    Whats wrong with a military base?
  12. rushfan

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    Nothing is wrong with a military base. I'm saying at the base near here, the receiving areas keep changing from one day to the next. So when I filled in every once in a while, I had no clue where things went. There were about 15 different stops on the base. It took about 3 hours to make those stops.

    One time while making deliveries, the Blue Angels were practicing for their performance. I got to see from engine runup to engine shutdown. I was up front and didn't have to fight the crouds. It was cool. The next day thousands went to see them.
  13. feeder53

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    Here on my base, they inspect the vehicle coming in and they have only 2 areas to unload for security reasons so after a 10 minute search (Est) it would be easy.
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    Thread is three years old. Nice reply though!!:greedy: