Union Grievance/Arbitration Clause?


:crying: After running out of support from the IBT local, and dealings with Big Brown itself, where does a seasonal driver stand with respect to not being provided with Weingarten rights as they were being wrongfully terminated?

So far, the center manager and several other higher-ups in management have straight-out LIED, changed their stories, amongst all sorts of other interesting things since the investigation started.

Is my only path left now, to retain legal counsel and pursue a civil lawsuit against IBT and UPS and others in this matter via an experienced labor lawer?

I appreciate any helpful responses!

Happy New Year!:cool:


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It wouldn't hurt to talk to an attorney.
You may want to file NLRB charges against the union (for non-representation) and the company (unilateral change of contract language) but not sure how effective this will be.


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Save yourself a lot of money - if you are a seasonal off the street - you don't have any entitlements. You took the job knowing it was for the christmas holiday. To take a job and be let go after the holiday and then think you are going to sue the union and the company? Get a life and move on.


Thanks, I have several meetings lined up with legal specialists in this area of law in the next week. Based on telephone conversations thus far, most agreed that being a seasonal driver is the same (contract-wise) and is no different than regular drivers on a law basis. Same IBT/UPS Contract applies.

Evidently, The IBT and UPS management seems to think that seasonal=disposable.

So be it. We will have to let a judge decide on that one.

I really just ask that management (and IBT) start to treat folks right, and make right on the things they did that were against contract law(s), etc.

I have spent several weeks trying to do this in an honest, fair, and kosher way.

However, it only took hearing a few lies from the union rep, an then two major "story changes" (white lies?) from the center manager to put me in a mode where I am in this for "the principle of it", 100%. :)

I also would like to make it clear that I have always loved UPS as a company, and what they stood for, and the union workers that were always so nice to me. I have used their shipping services for over 20 years in my own businesses, or whenever other shipping needs arose.

This might sound silly, but I really don't want to feel sick every time I see a brown truck on the street from here on out.

I also have a new-found respect for the union folks that work at UPS. Some VERY hard working, good hearted people (especially the 15-20+ years and more drivers...WOW)

I was given a lot of respect from darn near every one of those UPS union folks, but management was a different story, altogther.

All I remember was a cold as ice treatment, for the most part. I still don't understand why, it's easier to smile than to frown, if you know what I mean! Management-through-fear rarely works in the long term, either.

What about the next person who gets treated this way and the next? UPS will just abuse it more each time, In my humble opinion.

And by the way, I HAVE moved on, just not forgotten.:thumbup1:


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what a joke this guy has put up 4 threads about the same topic, they claimed it was sexual harrasment...it's fine if you want to clear your name you may have a case...defemation of character or something go get your jollys off on that...but they could fire you for any reason at any time as long as you are seasonal next time try to kiss a little ass until you are hired in!