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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by iunnoimjustaFT, Jun 10, 2016.

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    you hafta be Italiano.
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    you can be twice removed though.
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    Hows that democratic party kool-aid taste?

    Both republicans and democrats are scum. All carear politicos are scumbags
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    True. But in the end you still need to pick one.
  10. It's a good thing we aren't anymore, our history is pretty :censored2: misusing funds of hard working people to put into criminal hands. I just always saw H's name and think back to the mafia teamsters.
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    No you dont

    That is how they want you to think. That thought is what allows them to maintain political hegemony
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    Is that Tupac?

    During his stay at our local "country club" the guards mockingly called him "Six Pack".
  13. It was his birthday yesterday, I don't see how six pack is mocking someone...
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    I don't need to do anything but sit at home with a beer, watching the lemmings jump off the cliff ;)
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    His was a black inmate named Tupac in a maximum security jail where the guards are predominantly white good ole boys with barely a high school education. "Six pack" was definitely mocking him.

    BTW, I personally find your signature meme to be offensive and irritating.
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    What makes you think anybody wants to see pictures of your Granddaughter for your avatar?
    It may even be a TOS violation?

    Btw, it's very irresponsible to allow that baby to play with steak knives.
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    I own the copyrights to her pics.

    Drinking on her own and not quite 18 months old is pretty impressive.
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  18. Good, go cry to the good ol boys about it.
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    Not really.