Union meeting? Do they still have meetings for pt employees?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by solo827, Aug 28, 2011.

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    Just wondering about union meeting and how many we are supposed to have. I've been at UPS for 4 yrs and we have only had 1 meeting! I'm pt am clerk an pay my dues every week. There are new hires that have no idea about the union (they have been there for 6 or more months).
    Just wondering..........N.C.
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    I didn't know there were separate meetings for PT and FT. I attended a union meeting once as a part-timer before the last contract, I believe I was the only PTer there. I voiced my opinion about some issues I would like to see in the upcoming negotiations, but felt like it fell on deaf ears as all they cared about were FT issues. That was the last (and only) meeting I ever went to.
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    Our local meetings are held usually the last Saturday of the month and they're for everyone. Holidays can change them of course. I usually look up the meeting date on the Locals website..check yours out, attend and have your co-workers take the time to do the same. The Union can only do so much, the employees have to help them out.
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    We just had a Union meeting for all PT employees and only 10 people showed up!! First one since I have been employed and I've been here 6 years. It was mostly about Harrassment and sticking together on supervisors working.
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    The General Membership meetings are usually held once a month, usually at the same time and the same day of the month, every month. They are for every dues paying member of the Teamsters Union. Trade specific meeting are scheduled as needed and will normally be posted on your Union bulletin board. Contact your local Union to find out when and where the meetings are held.
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    When I was a part-time preloader in 1978 the only time we saw or heard from the union guys was just before they were up for re-election. At that meeting I publically asked the business agent why our dues were always raised after he and his staff came into our building asking for our votes. Needless to say he laid me out infront of everyone there. After their slate was re-elected our union dues went up. Who knew that would happen?
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    do you think if the tdu slate would get voted in things would be better?