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    Donated to United Way a good chunk of change last year through UPS. Used the donor designation option for five different charities of my choosing. One of the charities was to send disadvantaged youths to summer camp at the YMCA and designated $600 to send one kid. Received a letter in the mail yesterday thanking me for my donation of $252.84. WTF? What happened to the rest of it? Does United Way pay in installments or do they choose not to follow my wishes?
    This is the second time I have been screwed by United Way in the last 4 years. Not going to give them another chance for the third strike. From now on I will write my checks directly to my chosen charities.
    Thanks for letting me vent!
  2. badpal.

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    I'm not trying to be a dick but you should just do that in the first place. I personally choose not to give through UPS/United Way mostly because of the general approach that Managers and Sups go about soliciting participation from us. It seems (at least in my neck of the woods) more about getting 100% participation from us rather than donating to a charitable cause. I'd rather deliver the check to the organization directly. I don't need fanfare or accolades, I just want to know that it actually went to that organization that it was supposed to.
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    I participate in the UW drive because it is much more convenient for me to have the money taken out each week rather than either writing 52 checks or one lump sum check which would blow my budget. I like the 15% match as that covers any administrative costs. I also like being able to write off the donation on my taxes.

    I have little sympathy for anyone who cannot donate at least $1/week, if nothing more than to get your center manager off your back.

    I am used to the 100% participation thing as this is the way that it was in the military. If we had an airman who could not or would not participate the NCO's would pitch in and donate in their name, thus ensuring 100% participation. It was an unwritten rule that each squadron would have 100% participation.
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    Common sense as usual.

    Another way that UPS is like the military and why UPS likes to hire ex-military people.
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    I have never gave to the UW and when management pushed it , I told them give me the money or donate some of your money in my name , I got the stink eye but if I am right it's still a free country and two days later they don't care anymore either
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    One dollar out of pocket for each non-conforming employee is money well spent.

    Just saying ...
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    I make a one time donation of a dollar stapled to the form so the center manager will get 100% participation.
  8. Brownslave688

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    Nope I haven't donated in the last 4-5 years it's my money and I'll do with it what I want.
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    Just look at those bloated salaries from this "charity" organization, and those leeching 100% participation.
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    organized charity above the city/county level is contemptible
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    I used to give but when they started trying to guilt me or pressure me into donating.....forget about it.

    And as Sleeve said, the guys with the bloated salaries takes away a bit of credit for me. I have a friend of the family who used to be in charge of Easter Seals. He's since retired and is well taken care of. So much that he has already started to give away most of their inheritance to the children so he can avoid paying the taxes on it. Not saying he doesn't earn a good bit of change for what he he has done but quite possibly not what he was compensated. While others struggle to put a couple bucks in their gas tank in their 20 year old rust bucket, he worries about where to park his 40' motor coach at Penn State football games.
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    I donate a good amount to UW because it's easy, and face it, if it wasn't taken out of your paycheck every week you wouldn't give that much.
    I don't designate where it goes, I just hope it does somebody somewhere some good.
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    +1. A center manager once told a group of us to "give something so you can look at yourself in the mirror each morning". I was :censored2:, and gave nothing that year.
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    Wait...wait... im looking for it ok here we go i think i found the rest of your money... i had to find my old post..

    United Way worker retires with more than one Million in cash and $100k a year for life yep there goes some of you money. But please don't stop giving to The United Way more people will retire soon.