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  1. browntroll

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    yeah i know theres a few threads already, just wondering what happens if you
    dont get asked to donate? i got asked barely last week while everyone in my area got asked
    about 3 weeks ago but i know one guy still hasnt been asked even though i saw
    his paper was one of the only ones left when i got asked. do some sups fill it out for you? if they do is there a way to get off united way and get original signed paper?
  2. HardknocksUPSer

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    Cute username[emoji14]
  3. mike1646

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    One year they asked me how much I was donating, when they heard my answer I wasn't asked again.
  4. Returntosender

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    Take a pic of your original united way form.
  5. browntroll

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    my friend want to makes sure they dont keep taking the same amount they have been taking for the last year(hes newish). he told me they told him
    they planned on having a dunk tank with supervisors in it and the more you give the more balls you get. hes been giving them $5 a week for the past year,
    i laughed at him then i felt sorry for him. i had a hard time this year, they asked how much and i said 50 cents then they wanted me to talk to a full time sup about
    why im giving so little, full time sups asks why so little and i tell him im not giving :censored2: now hoping he would make the manager come talk to me but he just
    said we would talk again later about it.
  6. 8000Shelf

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    Donating to UW is completely optional and really none of their business if you decide not to. File harassment otherwise.
  7. lorenzo castro

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    I don't give at all cuz it makes sups look good if everyone gives
  8. FrigidFTSup

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    We ask you and can fill out the form on your behalf. But we can't send it in until you sign it. At least that's how we do it here. United Way is wrapping up as we speak. I believe all the forms have to be in by the end of the week.
  11. brownmonster

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    You lack the Capital?
  12. No_Member_Name

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    I got asked yesterday and went with $3 a week