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    I gave a donation to a local youth program through UPS's United Way drive last year since we were told that specific nonprofit organizations were allowed to be recipients.

    The folks from the youth program called me and said they didn't receive any of my donated funding until June and the total amount they received was about one-half of the amount I gave.

    That severed my giving through United Way.

    UPS should inform us that only 50% of our gifting will ever reach the intended recipient(s), 6 months late, or find a new channel to support that doesn't fraud the givers.

    I'd like to know whose name and info to put on the 1099 I want to send to UW Corporate for paying into their salary.
  2. Brownslave688

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    Yeah this is has been covered a lot. United way is one of the worst companies you can donate too. They have some of the highest administrative fees.

    It's simple just mark $0 in the box.
  3. Pooter

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    I think UW gives about 20% to charity and the rest goes to "administration".

    The second I found out what the CEO makes with salary and bonuses I said to hell with them.
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    I've always put 0. They support things I don't, so why would I give money to something like that?
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    I've always donated $10-$20 a week since I was as a part timer making $10/hr. After trying to contact united way multiple times trying to ask questions and having them not respond to anything, I realized they feel they have better things to do than talk to supporters. After a little research, I found them to just be another corrupt company. Any company going out of their way to seek donations like they do, will spend a majority of them on advertising and employees. It feels good to write $0 when they ask. Find a better foundation.
  6. sailfish

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    And I was foolish enough to think all twenty five of my dollars went to the local charity I put on the form. We'll see what UW gets this year.
  7. 10 point

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    The way it's presented is deceptive.
    Each building should be able to support local causes that we are involved with or scrap the whole deal.

    No one in our building except a supervisor knew or let on that line of bull ("our donations will be sent to the recipient of our choice") was a lie.

    I guess they didn't totally lie...they just sent half.
  8. jaker

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    Maybe next time they ask I will donate a dollar and try to see if my donation ever makes it anywhere

    But what still amazes me is how many people give to them even through they know it's crap
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    I heard this story a few weeks ago.

    Their is a employee on the twilight sort. Rumor has it when the UW donation time came around. He tells the sup one time donation. $ value yet to be determined. Sup responds yet to be determined. I better get an answer by Friday. Friday appears sup asked well how much money is gonna go into your one time donation? Employee says well about $38.00 maybe more depending. Sup responds maybe more, I don't have time for games, you better have 38.00 or more to donate at the end of the shift. Employee says. I'm not playing games. By the way your PT sup was working 4 hours this past Tuesday on yellow belt. That $38.00 I plan on donating is the grievance money. The maybe more is dependent on you. You want to pay the penalty pay? Just make sure the grievance check is made out to United Way.

    When I heard that story laughed for quite awhile. The guy that told me that believes the devil talks to him.
    The devil hearing employee says. That twilight employee UW donation It got me thinking. All the grievance money I get throughout the year. I'm gonna save that in a separate account. In case I get hurt bad at work I gonna use that money for my good attorney fees to get a better deal.

    I told him you better not mention you believe the devil talks to you, and your gonna need a lot of grievance money. Devil hearer says I think I need about 12 hrs worth of a injury attorney money to start off with. So that's 12 supervisor working grievances at three hours a day. I say you have this all figured out huh? Devil hearer says you just don't know how it is here. Don't worry when he talks to you, you will know.

    Walked away after that.