Unobtainium Discovered in Afghanistan

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    From NY Times


    So our gov't tells us that just recently we discovered Afghanistan has mineral wealth?

    Well this is not a newly discovered or even secret fact as the US Geological Survey noted Afghanistan's mineral wealth 4 years ago! Is President Peace Prize looking for an economic excuse to justify after the fact? Like Cheney and company told us Iraq oil would pay for........oh never mind as that lie has been so blown out of the water.

    With Karzai's connections to Unocal later acquired by Chevron, one has to wonder if Chevron has an inside track to acquiring exclusive Afghanistan mineral rights. Chevron's only into oil you say? Think again!
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  2. wkmac

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    from Spiegel Online: Are Claims of Afghan Mineral Wealth a PR Trick?
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    To me what would be exciting about this "discovery" would be our country helping Afghanistan move into mining this wealth and away from the production of opium. Is it a PR trick? Absolutely!
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    Could be information warfare or could be the truth as I was thinking someone on these forums posted an article saying these mineral deposits have been know about for years.
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    Being Afghanistan was mostly a CIA op from the get go, it all does have an Operation Mockingbird stench to it all!
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    My wife seems to be a consistent source of unobtainium - at least I haven't obtained any. :biting: