Unsafe tractor?

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    My tractor is in shop for pmi and driver I share with dropped it off at the hub and brought back a 266 sterling ( yuck!). As I'm pre tripping the beat to hell worn out POS I get to the springs and they look twisted, leaves are misaligned, kicked outward as you go down the leaf pack, take my thumper and hit u bolts and driver side sound dead as they should and pass side make slight ringing sound, no breaks in any leaves. I'm thinking about refusing to drive this junk but in a center with no spare truck and closest hub an hour and 45 min away, what's your opinion on the twisted misaligned springs??? These are the rear springs by the way.
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    Grab a senior feeder driver, have him do the same pre-trip that you did and see what he has to say.
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    Take it to the shop.
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    I would not take that tractor on the road it is unsafe and definitely a D.O.T. Violation
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    I got pulled into the garage at the scale last night. I don't take anything questionable
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    Best to write it up on DVIR- They sign it off your covered if something shall happen

    a. Any U-bolt(s), spring hanger(s), or other axle positioning part(s) cracked, broken, loose or missing resulting in shifting of an axle from its normal position. (After a turn, lateral axle displacement is normal with some suspensions. Forward or rearward operation in a straight line will cause the axle to return to alignment).

    b. Spring Assembly.

    (1) Any leaves in a leaf spring assembly broken or missing.

    (2) Any broken main leaf in a leaf spring assembly. (Includes assembly with more than one main spring).

    (3) Coil spring broken.

    (4) Rubber spring missing.

    (5) One or more leaves displaced in a manner that could result in contact with a tire, rim, brake drum or frame.

    (6) Broken torsion bar spring in a torsion bar suspension.

    (7) Deflated air suspension, i.e., system failure, leak, etc.
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    Welcome to the 72 hr safety blitz!