Update on the manager and son problem

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by voodoolord, Sep 13, 2007.

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    I talked with our local union leader directly today and explained the situation regarding the air driver slot. He said that if his son was not eligable for the job because of his age or any other reason at the time of the bid sheet being taken down, The job goes to the next seniority person. He said that if our manager tries to slip his son in there to file a greivance. I guess thats good news. It takes a little stress off my back. Thanks for all the helpfull and supportive posts. He also said that his son should not be working in the same center with his dad as the manager. I did not ask him if that was a rule or just a common sense observation though. Thanks again for the help :)
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    Good for you having a union rep--BA, steward, whoever--to talk to. I had a very personable BA in retail. Her competency was another matter. I've never been personally introduced to a UPS Business Agent. And its a rule that the son not be on the same sort but I'm not sure about the same building. Maybe Tie can answer this one?? I know I was told same sort for a p/t supe relative but building wasn't said. -Rocky
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    Good for you VooDoo. But be prepared for some kind of retaliation from the center manager if he stays there. Follow ALL the methods. Keep a log of all instances that you might think are against company policy. When your center manager talks to you, make sure your steward or at least another employee is there to witness what was said. Also, do NOT be disrespectful in any way toward him or his son. Soon enough he will be replaced and hopefully things will settle down for you. Good luck