UPS’s Davis Nears Typical CEO Tenure as Kuehn Seen Next

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    UPS’s Davis Nears Typical CEO Tenure as Kuehn Seen Next - Bloomberg

    Since founder Jim Casey left United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) after more than five decades in charge, the company’s chief executive officers have served for an average of 5 1/2 years. Scott Davis reaches that milestone in June.

    That means a leadership change is probably approaching at the world’s largest package-delivery operator, according to Kevin Sterling of BB&T Capital Markets and other analysts. A new CEO almost certainly will come from within, as have all the previous chiefs, Sterling said.

    Transitions since Casey’s 1962 exit have earned UPS a reputation for stability in a situation yet to be faced by FedEx Corp. (FDX), which Fred Smith has led since starting the carrier in 1971. UPS promoted Davis, 61, from chief financial officer and current CFO Kurt Kuehn is the likeliest to succeed him, said Sterling and David Campbell of Thompson Davis & Co.
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    I always respected Kurt and no one ever questioned his intelligence or business acuity and he's had 5 years to learn to engage his mind before his mouth.
    We utilized Kurt's "mis-speaks" to understand where the BOD and Management Committee wanted to guide the company ... usually a year or so before it happened. When someone mentioned Kurt, the first response/reaction was, "What has he said now?"
    His social skills in dealing with customers and people in general will be his biggest personal challenge.
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    that a thumbs up or down Hoax? Lord knows my personal dislike of bean counters after 5+ with Davis....
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    Neither, Scott has done a good job in a very dangerous time for UPS and a terrible economy.

    I'd say Kurt would be a lot like Scott with less social skills.

    Eskew had a sharp pencil but he also had vision.
    Kelley was a good a manager and took the company public.
    Oz had vision but lacked fiscal responsibility. It was a fun time to be in technology.
    Jack was good, strong manager that laid the framework for UPS's applied technology.
    George was a good strong manager that managed costs tightly.
    Before that, I did not have a feel for their gist.

    My point is that all of these CEOs since the Oberkotters main focus was on controlling costs and making conservative financial decisions (Oz excepted).
    That is the UPS way ... and why the TNT fiasco angered so many long-time UPSers.
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    Started as a driver. He attended Yale, received masters at the University of Miami. He is also a graduate of the Advanced Management Program of Wharton.

    Here is a quote from Kurt:
    "Economic cycles come and go, but companies thrive over time by investing in new growth opportunities, minimizing financial risks and delivering more value to customers and shareholders.
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    Sounds pretty generic.