Zacks issues buy on UPS...

United Parcel Service, Inc. (NYSE:UPS) is the world's largest express carrier, the world's largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services. Despite a difficult market, UPS put together good first quarter results, with earnings of 54 cents per diluted share that was almost +6% better than the consensus. Furthermore, revenue advanced by +5.8% to $8.02 billion. The company attributed its results to strong revenue growth and record-setting profits in its international and non-package businesses. Earnings estimates for this year and next are about 5 cents and 3 cents better than three months ago respectively, and analysts expect next year's results to be about +12% better than this year. The company will report second quarter results on July 22, and in its first quarter report forecasted 58 cents to 62 cents per diluted share. UPS said it is on track to achieve its stated goal of a 10% to 15% gain in earnings per share for the full year. An investment in UPS may just bring a special delivery to your portfolio.



Hi Peacock, nice news but remember when Zacks did a downgrade out of the blue a few months ago. I take virtually all views by ANALysts with a jaundiced slant. ps. I appreciate this afternoon bump regardless of the reason. JMHO


Would have liked to see the earnings a little higher but the one good news is 3Q guidance is domestic volume to grow 2 to 3%. Hopefully we'll see the % grow over the next several quarters and as the economy improves maybe we'll get back to ground growth levels of 5 to 6% annually which is where we were several years ago. Guidance during conference call was more restrained growth especially on the part of the overall economy. Couple that possible 5 to 6% future ground growth (I know, very tall order nowadays) with international growth continuing and it'll be some sunny days indeed!