UPS Adds Photo ID Requirement for Retail Shipping

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    As part of its ongoing review to enhance security, UPS (NYSE: UPS) today announced it is expanding its policy to require customers who ship packages from retail shipping locations to present a government-issued photo ID for verification of identification. The directive will apply at The UPS Store® and Mail Boxes Etc.® locations as well as authorized shipping outlets worldwide.

    Consumers who tender a shipment through any retail access location and do not already have a pre-printed shipping label attached will have to present a government-issued photo ID or they will not be allowed to use UPS services. The ID policy has been in place at UPS Customer Centers since 2005.

    Valid forms of identification in the U.S. include a current state-issued driver's license or Department of Motor Vehicles ID card, U.S. or foreign government-issued passport, U.S. Permanent Resident card, U.S. military identification or a Native American Tribal photo identification card. Qualifying documentation may vary by country at international retail locations.

    "Since retail centers experience a significant increase in business from occasional shippers during the busy holidays, this enhancement adds a prudent step in our multi-layered approach to security," said Dale Hayes, UPS vice president of small business and retail marketing. "The safety and security of our customers, business partners and employees is our highest priority and UPS will continue to implement additional security precautions as necessary."
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    Photo ID. Atlanta you guys are aware that their are indivduals in America that can make Fake ID's all types of fake ID's. Atlanta did you guys train your retail outfits on to spot a fake ID's?
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    I'm not sure but I do know they were trained on how to stick their head in the sand.
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    You can't expect some 18 year old kid working at a UPS Store to make sure that ID is real (or even close to real).
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    ...or to even care. This is simply a CYA move by the company.
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    and the government
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    to put a myth down everyone who works at my customer counter is over 50yrs old and many have 30 plus years of service.
    Given that all states now require a uniform driver's license containing security features ( holograms ) the days of fake id is quickly fading. Mostly I see passports being used as id, many drive up in cars yet claim not to have a driver's license with them.
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    So does that mean that we are going to stop taking packages from retail outlets? For example, we have Dillon's grocery stores here, owned by Kroger, they have a UPS shipping counter. They take tons of packages all day long and we send a bulk driver to pick them all up at the end of the day. Are these Dillon's employees to be trained by UPS or the government to look for something in particular on every persons ID that comes in to ship a package? If so what exactly are we looking for? Is a Dillon's counter, or any UPS customer counter, going to know or care if someone named Osama Bin Laden, for example, comes in and ships a package with a valid ID. What are they looking for? Just because you have an ID does that mean you didn't put a bomb in the box???? Seems like a bunch of crap to me!!