UPS AIR driver replacement by full time drivers

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by scottVA, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. scottVA

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    Im in richmond va and have been with ups as a partimer since 1985. The rumor is all pt air drivers are going to be replaced with laid off full time drivers. I have not talked to my union guy yet, but it is my understanding that the person who takes my spot would have to have more seniority than I do. I was told by someone who should know that as far as being bumped off your job it was time with the company that ruled and that full time years only impacted retirement.


  2. backinbrown

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    I have more seniority than you if i am full time i believe that is how it is.
  3. Jones

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    You are correct. In the event of layoff, a full time employee must have more company seniority than the part time employee that he displaces.
  4. fethrs

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    I'm in South Cal and in my district the full timers have seniority over the part timers even if the part timers have more years (company seniority).
  5. Jones

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    It's good thing that Scott is in Richmond then, where the part timers are still taken care of :happy2:.
  6. LU710

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    Im Just curious why your laid off Air Drivers are being bumped instead of your inside workers? In our building a Laid off driver either bumps to A)preload B)Reload C)Preload and Reload or D)takes the Lay Off. They don't bump Air Drivers.
  7. City Driver

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    yea here a full timer has seniority over a part timer automatically, no matter how long they have been employed
  8. Red Dawn

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    same in here in Texas.
  9. Red Dawn

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    my guess would be rate of pay. air drivers make more than inside workers...unless the years of service would pay them more to work inside.
  10. scottVA

    scottVA Richmond-Air

    Good news. Atleast senority is good for something. Ive got a year left and im done.
  11. chopstic

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    I thought the agreement only gave laid off ground drivers the right to displace INSIDE work.
  12. brownrodster

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    What is 'the agreement.' Laid off drivers here are on lay off and not offered any inside work.
  13. Jones

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    This stuff is covered in your local area supplement.
  14. upser_J

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    My understanding is as follows... laid off full time drivers can replace other full time drivers or 22.3s with less seniority, if they have the lowest seniority among full time, then they can replace any part timer with less seniority than he has.(as in when they were hired.. full time is no longer a seniority factor) This is how I read it, correct me if I am wrong though.
  15. Jones

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    From the Atlantic Area supplement:

    After a one (1) day layoff, full-time seniority employees who may be subject to layoff may in the order of their seniority elect to take the work of part-time employees, if any, for the duration of the layoff provided the full-time employee has more Company seniority than the part-time employee being displaced.

    The way I read it, laid off drivers can not bump 22.3's, or any other full-time position regardless of seniority. At least around here, your supplement may differ.
  16. brownrodster

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    Our supplement doesn't have any provisions for us working inside while on layoff. So we get laid off and collect unemployment.

    All ours says is if we are laid off for 30 days we have to let UPS and the union know we are still available for work.
  17. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Our supplement doesn't specify what kind of part-time worker we can bump. It doesn't specify preloader, twilighter, reloader, air drivers, etc.. We've always been able to do air driver work but last time, which was one of the few times I ever had to work in a job other than driving, I was told that we can't because we show up as an extra driver on a report.
  18. Bubblehead

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    Seniority applications differ from place to place. Call your local. Better yet go there and ask them to show you the applicable language.
  19. Red Dawn

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    i'm in the southern region. 118 22.3 "dissolved" Some 22.3 bumped into package forcing some of them to take 22.3 spots and others have choice to displace ANY Jr. employee. pt or full time. if available (big hub with lots of pt jobs) 22.3 or package can displace any 2 part time employees in order to make 8. If you displace 2 part timers you are still guaranteed 8 hrs. or one jr full time employee.
  20. Loco170Brownie

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    My thought on this statement is they have to lay off by seniority anyway, so there should be no one with less than you if you are being laid off the full time shift.

    Where I am FT is over all PT even if they have been there longer. From the look of it Va may be one of the few places that doesn't apply. I know locally we have a number of low seniority drivers (most less than a year in) working a night-preload shift, but I am unaware if that has lead to anyone not working. Our Hub is normally understaffed on those shifts anyway so thats the plan here as I have heard.