UPS among best places to launch a career


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Do the teamsters know that UPS hired off the street workers full-time while there's thousands of part-time employees waiting around 8 to 10 years for a full-time position?


In China, UPS hire a local middle level management only cost US$28,000/per year, eg. Area Sales Manager
While Relocate an overseas staffs to China, only AVERAGE living allowance cost US$24,000/per year... not to mention most of them did nothing

c. destefano

you must be one of the inside traders who made a killing on the stock going public. this company is run by uneducated morons whos tactics include threats, bullying and treating people like dirt. you can make 54,000 dollars collecting carts at king kullen. wake up and take a good hard look at your management personnel. only reason this company isn't beat up in the press and news is because they have the money to keep it from the publics eyes and ears. ask some of the employees who work there and you will get a true picture of how 95% of the employees feel.

hey moderater

how much crap do you not post because people are bashing this crap infested company.


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I don't think Cheryl can be influenced. She has nothing to gain by keeping this site all "wine and roses".
She has never deleted any of my posts which tend to be contrary and subversive sometimes. All she asks is that posters keep the foul language to themselves.


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Everyone here is entitled to their opinion......... good, bad or indifferent.
Yes, you will find sympathy and posters who understand the common problems despite others attempts to sugar-coat and ignore said problems.

This message board seems to be a little more low key than others and seems to attract a more classier membership minus the foul language and name calling.

Back to the original do we know the company hired these people off the street and, trust me, I am in no way defending the company as I am fully aware of what they are capable of. What, precisely, is entry level? Is unload/load considered entry level? Is package cars considered entry level?

And, in case you're wondering, I'm not in management and probably never will be.


Interesting phrasing Trickster "probably never will be"

I was wondering the same thing about those jobs. I think they may be the intern type jobs where someone is hired into a management type job , typically IE on a two year contract. If they do well then they get promoted to full time supervisor after two years.


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You're right.....
"probably never will be."

Because I know you're wondering, I have as many, if not more, college hours as you so it's not because I lack a degree. Could it be because of what this "chimpanzee" (a reference from another thread) has seen?

In all my years, I've seen two feeder drivers go into management. Where are they now? Not here. I could go on and on but I won't bore you.

You chose your destiny, I chose mine. What I think is a little bit more than coincidental is the fact that many more of your destinys than mine are apparently destined for somewhere else.

Curious isn't it?


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Regarding the "intern" jobs, isn't this the company that so extols it's "promotion from within" but, apparently, no one wants to go into management? Why is this?
Is it a good idea to hire someone who just fell off the turnip truck, so to speak, and thrust them into a position of authority without a clue of the true inner workings of the company?
How many posts/threads have you and I both read about how the people crunching the numbers, dispatching the loads and otherwise making the executive decisions have never been in the "trenches" (such as load, unload, sort, pkg cars etc.)?
And, finally, I will pose the same question to you that I asked a supe of whom I have a degree of respect for:
How many people go into management simply to get out of pkg cars?
Good day!