UPS and FedEx turn focus to consumer behaviour

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    UPS and FedEx turn focus to consumer behaviour - EURO2day

    Online retailing and business-to-business ordering are driving up traffic volumes for both UPS and FedEx but also making flows harder to predict.

    The question for both companies is whether management changes and technology investments can help them to avoid a repeat of the chaos that engulfed UPS last Christmas, when demand surged more than anticipated. Volumes on its busiest day, December 23, were 13 per cent up on 2012's peak and the network was clogged. Many packages were delivered after December 25.
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    Cyber Monday, that entire week and week after online deals, free shipping with a minimum purchase. If UPS and FED EX can't handle those two weeks of spiked volume? Peak will once again be failure.
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    We have got to start establishing a cutoff day or dropping the before Christmas guarantee.
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    UPS has made the day after Thanksgiving a mandatory work day for all- do they think that will solve all the problems we had last peak?