UPS Beta Testing New People 1st Policy, Indiscriminate Discrimination.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by bmwmc, Jun 22, 2012.

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    Well isn't this just magical. UPS is beta testing in centers across the nation its new "Be perfect or be unemployed" policy. Imagine having to be perfect working in a imperfect world, with imperfect people, in an imperfect system. Whats not to love? Can you feel the love? I mean whats the sense of instituting real corrective action when the shortest distance between your inbox and outbox is to blame powerless people and threaten there jobs. Now that's leadership from the highest A/C two ply office's in Atlanta.

    I just wish I could actually see the dictionary UPS management uses when words like, fairness, respect, dignity, and non-discrimination are defined. They must have there own quasi-English language dictionary that we fallen souls can't fathom. Better yet they probably discovered a lost world of super humans that can work 10-12 hours a day under unforgiving time units, execute thousands of methods, and procedures flawlessly. You know like them.

    What legal brain thought of this little nugget of capricious injustice towards there employees, and society as a whole, ought to hit the lecture circuit because this is just gold. How do you get around discrimination laws that protect individual rights to fair employment? Discriminate, at will, all of them, from every class of gender, creed, color, age, disability, etc. That way it's like prove-it-wack-a-mole. Just create standards that no human could possibly meet and there you have it. A job no human qualifies for yet still need to be done. An employment sausage machine (see part-time workers now going full-time) where individuals go in one end and mangled disposable pieces of a person comes out the other end. Which begs the question: who or what class of people could ever qualify for a job and maintain one at UPS? Since in the end UPS standards are perfect or fired then who I ask will fill my shoes?

    Its a hard knocks life bitchez.

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    I read it three times ... I do wish I understood whatcha talkin' bout.

    Did you get this off
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    Indiscriminate discrimination by arbitrary application of rules with threats up an to including discharge. Need more help?
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    Been that way forever except for the "Indiscriminate discrimination" ... I honestly can't figure that out.
    I thought it was some type of double negative jingle.
    Sounds like something UPS Corporate HR would come up with though.
    That was why I asked if it came from
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    Indiscriminate is the cover for discrimination. They don't just pick on one protected class, race, gender, creed, etc, they pick them all. Perfect. Deny fair employment for everyone.

    Get it?
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    OK, got it.
    Sort of like Universal discrimination.
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    What ????

    Any ways no one is forcing you to stay.
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    Is that an admission? Because I thought I lived in a democratic republic and not a corporate oligarchy. As much as UPS thinks they are America I never saw them in any fox hole or on any wall defending our bill of rights.
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    It's true.Their creed is "Do as I say"
    Every dissension from failing to follow instructions,is
    documented,and will be used against you if you are disliked.
    You can beg the union to save you,but you really have no rights.
    Same with management,they fire you for doing what you were told to do.
    This is bigger than the both of us.
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    I am puzzled. Not being a current employee, I don't understand what you are saying. Could you spell this out for those of us who haven't been able to see it in person???? "Be perfect or be unemployed" seems way over the top for a company that has always been so good at weasel-words. What is the context here?
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    Its quite simple thought being from the outside I understand your confusion. Its a pressure point. Nobody can be perfect yet by holding people to a standard they know they can't meet without cheating the stated methods and procedures, and knowing that at there rate of compensation they can't meet or beat in a non-unionized world, forces them to either work off the clock, forge time cards claiming lunches where taken when they actually worked through them, sign for customers packages, and /or violate raft of methods and procedural infractions of UPS policy that UPS does profit from and yet leave the driver exposed to the blame for failure to follow the same procedural errors should something go wrong. Its all upside for UPS and no down side when your system point the finger back at powerless people who are just trying to support there families. That's UPS and corporate American in general.
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    I'm equally puzzled.You worked for ups yet did not see this happening every day?
    I guess you needed some front line experience that you never got.
    This is not just bs ,it is what we have become.
    I got fired once by a center manager that did not like me.He told me that he thought it was
    best for the company.I got called back 2 weeks later .He got fired soon after .
    Too bad there is no corporate policy on this.
    Or maybe there is.
    Good thread.
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    I actually used to enjoy working for BIG BROWN, as well as being proud to be working for UPS, now the average joe deals with the following....... :fightings::panicsmiley::vacuumsm:translation = (management yells or disciplines, you panic or they clean house)
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    It makes you wonder what jim casey himself would think about how hostile this work environment has become.
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    Well said except for the powerless part.

    Generally speaking, UPS is full of self-centered people who lack courage not power.

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    Soberups will disagree w4ith you but I think he already finds you disagreeable.