UPS building $7M mobile distribution facility at HIA

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    UPS building $7M mobile distribution facility at HIA - Central Penn Business Journal

    The United Parcel Service is planning to build a $7 million mobile distribution facility at Harrisburg International Airport as part of a ground lease that the world's largest package delivery company signed with the Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority.

    SARAA announced the lease deal, which is for 36 months with options for two 12-month extensions. UPS will use 7 acres at the east end of HIA in an area that was previously used as an employee parking lot.

    Dubbed its "Hub in a Box" concept, the UPS facility is expected to be done by the holiday season.
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  2. UPS4Life

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    Sounds very interesting and hopefully a step in the right direction because it appears we need all the help we can get.
    Has anybody seen this "hub in a box" before? Just curious as to what it may pertain.
  3. MoarTape

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    What happened to the supposed 300 acres they bought?
  4. cosmo1

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    In Middletown?

    Sounds like they are trying to take some pressure off KPHL.
  5. MoarTape

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    Somewhere on 81 is what I heard. Also, this sounds like one of those mobile trailers they use to load package cars.
  6. UPS4Life

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    The article says its it's going to be about 17,000 sq/ft so that's a decent size building. As for the building on 81 lol I guess they're talking about a building again because retro fitting hbg won't be sufficient.... Well not when you wait until June or July to start.

    With the added building at hia, I wonder if we will get more planes in. Right now we only have one.
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    @turdferguson swindled it away ....started dude ranch?