UPS opens larger Madisonville distribution warehouse


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UPS opens larger Madisonville distribution warehouse - Messenger Inquirer

As part of a realignment of services, UPS closed its customer service center and distribution warehouse on Hanson Road in Madisonville last week. Although news of any business closing usually comes as a tough blow to any community, in this case, it signifies a major expansion of services and jobs in the Hopkins County area.

When UPS closed the doors to the 20,000-square-feet building it has occupied for decades, it immediately began operating out of a new, state-of-the-art facility on the other side of town. The new 44,000-square-feet structure will allow the company to increase the work flow out of the Madisonville UPS Center, meaning more jobs and more tax dollars coming into the local community.

“I found out about UPS’ plans to relocate outside of Hopkins County the February after I took office,” Madisonville Mayor Kevin Cotton said. “UPS is a fairly large employer, so that was a lot of jobs we stood to lose. I’d been in office just over a month. That isn’t the kind of news that anyone wants to get.”

He said both he and the council went to work right away trying to identify the needs of UPS and to find a way to keep them in the community.