UPS Bulks Up On Tech

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by susiedriver, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. susiedriver

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    "Almost 100 years after helping create the package delivery business, United Parcel Service of America has committed hundreds of millions of dollars to an overhaul designed to improve the process."
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    UPS spends hundreds of millions a year on technolgy anyway, has been doing it for many years, especially since we went on DIAD. This article sounds like it is talking about PAS, which my Hub is one of three in Atlanta, hasn't gone on it. We are still on DIAD III. When I started my current route about eight or nine years ago, I relooped it myself and had the load charts changed to the way I wanted them according to my Area knowlegde. There is nothing coming out of IE that can improve it!
  3. over9five

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    Sounds good! We should dump PAS/EDD, and start this system they're talking about...
  4. dannyboy

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    'The internally developed software running the DIAD is designed to make sure no package is left behind"

    designed to make sure no package is left behind?

    No wonder it is working so well. The same engineers that figured out how to fix education are now working for UPS.
  5. susiedriver

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    Would those be Republicans?:p

  6. dannyboy

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    Stupid people come in all flavors.

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    This articl say the preloader "required upwards of two months (training) a significant problem for a job with a midnight shift and high turnover." Again the higher ups are clueless. They may require this much training but none that I know got more than a shift, most only an hour or so.

    It also says "the goal of the new system is to shave minutes off the time it takes to deliver each package". Haven't they already done this by stealing the 5.8 seconds per package in our allowance?

    This article sure sounds like good PR for UPS but a whole lot of fluff looking from the inside.
  8. Unregistered

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    Pkg Flow Technology

    PFT is really a collection of apps, not just one. PAS and PFS are part of it. EDD isn't really even an application. It's a process that the DIAD uses to pull data from PAS using IrDA devices, and maybe, one day, the 802.11b radio in the DIAD 4. I'm not in the PFT group but sit about 50 feet from many who are. It's an idea that could work well... one day. Too complicated at the moment. The slightest problem with PAS sends the drivers out late. I have no clue where the $ 600 million figure came from.

  9. upsjules

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    "and maybe, one day, the 802.11b radio in the DIAD 4."

    Just an FYI to clarify any misconceptions...DIAD IV has always used 802.11b to transfer EDD data from PAS...since inception. DIAD III uses IrDA. DIAD IV uses IrDA to transmit packages between DIAD's on the occassions drivers give or receive packages from another driver on route (or after PAS shut down).

    EDD, although not a big application, is still an application that required coding and installation on the selected PC.